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Iris is a social stock market app that lets users connect their brokerage accounts, and automatically share their real-time trades and portfolios with others.

We believe that together, we’re better investors and our app brings that same spirit of social sharing and community collaboration found in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to the investment world.

Iris is custom built for social investing. 

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Santa Monica, CA
Offering Date
June 24, 2021
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Brian Schardt, Co-founder and CEO
Brian developed a love for business in high school when he started selling violins online. He paired an efficient Chinese manufacturing process, with his custom violin designs to produce an amazingly high-quality instrument for a fraction of the cost.

Aditya Lingampally, Co-founder, COO, CFO
Adi has been deeply passionate about investing ever since he won a stock market trading competition in the 7th grade. A lifelong trader in public and private equities, his goal now is to help others understand the importance of investing and make it easy to do so.

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Security Description

A SAFE is an agreement between you—the investor—and the company in which the company promises to give you a future equity stake based on the amount you invested. It also involves some kind of a triggering event that must take place in order for you to get your future equity stake. Be careful as you may only get equity if a particular event is triggered.

Key Deal Facts

Social stock market app that lets users invest with friends
A market of 150M+ retail investors in the US
47K+ users and 11K+ monthly active users in 9 months (since Sep '20 launch)
Brokerage integration with Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Webull
4,700 connected portfolios with visibility into $4.1B of trades (June '21)
Iris has facilitated over $175M in investments as of June 2021
VC-backed from Path VC and Incline VC