Prep To Your Door

Prep To Your Door

Organic, plant-based, zero waste meal delivery

We deliver local, plant-based meals in reusable jars that are picked up and sanitized each week. Our closed loop, zero waste business model, facilitates the connection between human and planetary health.

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Security Type
Food & Bev
Min Investment
Austin, TX
Offering Date
June 17, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 16, 2022
Amount Raised
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Faiez Rana, Co-Founder & CEO
Prep To Your Door co-founders, Faiez and Heather, are partners in life and business. They met in class at Harvard University, and quickly connected over their passion for sustainability, food systems and education.

Heather Emerson, Founder

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Key Deal Facts

Zero-waste, plant-based, prepared meal delivery service
$1m+ revenue TTM (90%+ subscription)
125% CAGR growth since 2018
Operations in Austin, expanding to Houston, DFW, & San Antonio in 2021/22
Founders have invested significant capital w/ no outside funding to date
Delivered 77,000 meals in 2020 using only 3,900 jars in a closed loop model