Rx Delivered Now

Rx Delivered Now

Automating pharmacy logistics and communications

Rx Delivered Now (RxDN) is a pharmacy technology ecosystem accelerating patient access, visibility, and compliance to medications. Through our platform, we modernize outdated pharmacy systems to streamline and automate workflows, communicate with doctors, and bring medications to a patient’s front door. Our solution improves overall pharmacy operating margins, provides transparency to all care providers, and increases patient access to medications.

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San Francisco, CA
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August 03, 2021
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Dr. Anthony Do, PharmD, Co-Founder, CEO
Former pharmacist, self-taught software engineer, Neapolitan style pizza lover and UC Berkeley grad. Operating at the crossroads of healthcare and computer science to craft a better patient care experience.

Michael Nguyen, Co-Founder, COO
Former product manager experienced in on-demand work force and Ironman triathlete. Passionate about creating products that improve patient's quality of life.

John Pope, Director of Pharmacy
An Operations specialist with a history in SaaS as well as on-demand food and staffing. Currently on a mission to help others and to make the patient care experience smoother, more transparent, and fulfilling for pharmacies and patients alike.

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Key Deal Facts

Pharmacy technology ecosystem to accelerate patient access to medications
Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $264B as of 2021
Access to pharmacy buying groups with over 400 member pharmacies
In pilot with pharmacy groups with over 70 member pharmacies
Currently operating in CA, which has highest concentration of pharmacies
Future markets include Texas, Florida, and Arizona