Safe Zone Technologies

Gunfire Detection for Indoor Spaces

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Common Stock
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October 14, 2021
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April 13, 2022
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Company Description

Safe Zone detects indoor gunfire instantly. In seconds, the smart tech sensors identify the location, type of firearm, and number of gun shots fired in real-time and send that information to 911 dispatch, on-site security, and people in the building, which reduces response time and saves lives.

Key Deal Facts

We are creating the most accessible technology-based solutions to address one of the most tragic social problems of our time. Rapid response ends active shooter threats sooner and saves lives.
With our incredibly affordable, efficient and easy-to-use gunshot detectors, we are perfectly positioned to disrupt the multi-billion dollar gunfire detection market
Our unparalleled smart detector technology includes three sensors (noise, shock and muzzle flash) and delivers real time gunfire monitoring in a continuously updated gunfire detection model, with firearm type reporting, continuous direct digital connection to 9-1-1, all communications native to the system, and cloud-based machine learning analysis of data.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael Lally, Chief Executive Officer
Cornell Engineering graduate and second-generation entrepreneur. Founded The Modal Shop and served on the board of directors of PCB Group where the closely held company sold for $580 million in 2016.

Mike Anderson, President, Founder, and Board Member
More than 30 years of experience in the automation and control industry. Has developed more than 100 products producing more than $200 Million in revenue. Sold a portfolio of 17 patents to Google.

Ada Anderson, Technical Advisor
As Safe Zone Co-Founder and Technical Advisor, Ada's knowledge is extremely broad-based with expertise in sensor fusion, data encryption, cloud scalability, design for reliability, and physical security products.
Amount Raised : $65,716
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