Stars on Board

Stars on Board

OnDemand Social Monetization Anytime, Anywhere

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Los Angeles, CA
Offering Date
October 15, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 14, 2022
Amount Raised
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

At the crossover of a variety of industries, we estimate our Total Addressable Market to be $720 Billion.
We aim to make Connect the platform of choice for everyone who needs to monetize their talents in a variety of ways. Our vision and roadmap is backed by over 25 years of experience in the entertainment and music industry.
Content creators and influencers of all kinds suffer from not getting paid enough, and don’t always have access to brands for potential sponsorships. Connect App enables everyone with time, skills, and talent to monetize their social followers anytime, anywhere. Connect already has many celebrities and influencers on its app including 10 of the top singers and and #1 Plastic Surgeon in the Middle East.

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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