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Valkyrie Axe Throwing

Valkyrie Axe Throwing

Arts & Entertainment

Min Investment
Chattanooga, TN
Offering Date
August 05, 2021
Target Raise

Use of Proceeds

  • Cash Flow Stabilization: $12,000
  • Lanes Rebuilt: $17,000
  • New Tap System: $3,000
  • Additional Travel Lane: $15,000

Mainvest Compensation: $3,000

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Randy here! I am the founder and owner of Valkyrie. I'm originally from Florida in the Orlando area. Moved here back at the end of 2018. A follower of Norse mythos, Mead, and axe throwing. So as close to a professional Viking as you can get. While I do run the business I am also the master mead maker for once we are able to get our winery license, and I am a professional axe thrower who competes nationally with the best in the world

My name is Evan and I am from Joelton, Tennessee. I've lived in Chattanoooga for almost 10 years now and love throwing axes! When I'm not coaching, you can find me with my dogs, Blitz and Fritz, on a hike or in my backyard! I've been throwing axes for a little over 2 years, but have been a certified bad-axe my whole life. If you get an axe-ceptional coach, such as myself, I will make it my mission to make sure you become an axe-pert by the end of your time!

Hey guys I’m Kinsley! I am a Chattanooga native with a wanderlust bug just trying to live in the moment. I started out throwing axes at trees in my backyard like most other southerners and began throwing at WATL targets about almost 2 years ago now. You will probably recognize me as the 6-foot-tall blonde Valkyrie who has become a fixture here even on my off time. I am known for my witty orientations and my crazy trickshots.

Event Manager
Hello friends! I’m Elise. I was born and raised right here in Chattanooga. I’ve been told I make throwing look easy but I feel thats a requirement when you throw as often as I do. You will probably recognize me as the *other* 6-foot-tall girl in the shop and before you ask, no Kinsley and I are not related. It is my personal goal to give you a great time when you visit me in the shop, so never hesitate to ask me anything. Plus I was recently promoted to our Event Manager and will be the face of all of our in house and travel events going forward.
Amount Raised : $17,200
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