Your dog has a lot to say—our technology gives them a voice

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Crowd SPA
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San Diego, CA
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October 04, 2021
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December 31, 2021
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Company Description

53% of American households own dogs. For most of us, they’re part of the family—and cognitive scientists are discovering that their ability to think and feel is more developed than we ever imagined.

CleverPet is a San Diego company founded by cognitive scientists that designs and manufactures the FluentPet System. FluentPet is a system of recordable sound buttons and connecting HexTiles that enables dogs, cats, and other animals to express themselves and be understood by humans.

Key Deal Facts

FluentPet sound buttons enable rich, language-like communication with pets
Used by Bunny, the talking dog with 6.7M TikTok followers
Thriving user community at How.TheyCanTalk.org
Over $3.3M trailing 12 month revenue as of June 2021
Over 40k orders and solidly profitable—$356k income on $977k sales for Q1
Major university research collaboration featured in NY Times & The Verge
Upcoming app and next-gen hardware to cement market leader position

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Leo Trottier, Founder and CEO
Product Developer, and Cognitive Scientist trained at the University of Toronto and UC San Diego. Founder and CEO Leo Trottier studied cognitive science and A.I. at the University of Toronto, and from there went straight to UC San Diego’s PhD program in cognitive science. He left the program to found CleverPet, and has since led a successful Kickstarter campaign, raised over $2M in investor funding, and launched the CleverPet Hub.

Jelmer Tiete, Hardware and Manufacturing Lead
PhD Cand., Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Alexis Devine, Lead FluentPet Guide
Artist and teacher of Bunny the Dog
Amount Raised : $711,113
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