Test the Waters
Local Haunts

Local Haunts

A female-focused vampire film set in an eerie beach town

Min Investment
Los Angeles, CA
Offering Date
October 19, 2021
Target Raise

Company Description

Three vampires have settled in the quaint and bizarre beach community of Lost Cove. Phaedra, a brash starlet, plays a vampire on the local television as the horror host, Phaedra: Countess of the Surf. Tuesday, an aloof wallflower, is burdened by her past and navigating a new relationship she's unsure of. Katrina, an eccentric sage of sorts, is the solid rock of wisdom and support. Although secure from the exterior forces that plague their kind, they're met with internal conflicts of grief, love, redemption, and coming to terms with the past.

As Samhain—their old-world celebration of Halloween—draws near, the rift between Lost Cove and the spirit world thins. With this comes figures from beyond the veil, bringing back memories of past lives, not all of which are fondly remembered. For these local haunts, immortality is no cake walk.

Key Deal Facts

A Doomsday Soirée Feature Film Debut
Will appeal to the large niche B-horror community. Horror conventions and festival potential
A 90's hangout film tone ala the films of Jim Jarmusch, Richard Linklater, and Wong Kar-Wai
An award winning, experienced team of young fresh filmmakers
Critically acclaimed editor with credits on: In Treatment, Dusk Till Dawn Series, and Sleepy Hollow
Sky Elobar attached, star of The Greasy Strangler
Alexander Folk attached, Hollywood vet of over 35 years

Use of Proceeds

Ensuring the quality is consistent with the vision

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jordan McLaughlin, Director/Co-Writer
A writer, director, illustrator, animator, and overall lover of storytelling. Jordan's intention is to make genre-fluid films with heart, sincerity, and a dash of camp.

Katie Sanderson, Producer
Passionate filmmaker aspiring to redefine the quality of content being made at the independent level. Creating projects within a fast-paced, challenging environment to help bring stories to life. UNCSA grad. Proud producer/AD of American Waste.

Savannah Gisleson, Co-Writer
A writer, film director, and UNCSA film graduate. Her stories aim to explore and showcase the humor, humanity, and magic that springs out of ruin.
Amount Raised : $0
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