Changing the Solar Equation

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October 19, 2021
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April 19, 2022
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Company Description

IntriEnergy is a climate technology company that is poised to disrupt the $150 billion solar industry. Our team has developed and patented an innovative solar cell solution that produces 60% more energy and 2x reductions in CO2 emissions, compared to current best-in-class solar cells. IntriEnergy’s solar breakthrough has the potential to accelerate climate change targets and produce the lowest cost of electricity generation. IntriEnergy is Changing the Solar Equation.

Key Deal Facts

60% MORE ENERGY: Our patented technology platform provides a 60% increase in solar cell energy output and has been engineered to be implemented by today’s solar cell manufacturers. Our licensing model provides the opportunity to work with the industry to create a more sustainable energy future.
$150 BILLION INDUSTRY: Solar power is a $150 billion global industry growing at 20% annually (CAGR). IntriEnergy’s technology platform overcomes current solar technology limitations that are threatening the industry's long-term value proposition as a low-cost source of energy. Our solar cell innovations provide benefits to participants across the entire solar value chain.
WORLD-CLASS TEAM: We have assembled a world class team of scientists, engineers, and business leaders to carry out our vision, each with 30+ years' experience in their respective areas.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jacqueline "Jackie" Coffey, CEO and Director
Ms. Coffey brings to IntriEnergy over 30 years’ experience in the energy industry. As CEO of IntriEnergy, a climate technology company, she has led the company from its inception utilizing her strategic leadership, organizational, relationship and communication skills to ensure the company's solid foundation as it enters the $150 billion global solar industry. Under Jackie's direction the company has assembled a world-class team, secured its intellectual property, built relationships and established agreements with key industry participants, as the company initiates the commercial development and deployment of its first of three technologies.As Vice-President of a solar energy start-up company, she was instrumental in developing relationships and negotiating joint venture partnerships and licensing agreements valued over $250 million. Jackie was also involved in the start-up of a US based LED manufacturing business setting strategic direction, developing business plans and was the lead in development of operational procedures required for the attaining the critical manufacturing certification.
Prior, Jackie founded and was a principal partner in a successful consulting firm for over 10 years focused on assisting generation, transmission and distribution companies achieve compliance with regulatory requirements during the period of industry deregulation. Her career with one of North America's largest electric utilities included lead positions on strategic projects including, establishing competitive services within the utility, establishing customer relationship management processes and reporting activities, as well as a core team member of the utility's demerger. Jackie has served on the Board of both profit and non-profit organizations and served as Chair of an Energy Program Advisory Committee at a Canadian College.

Jeff Whitney, EVP Corporate Development
Jeff Whitney has been directly involved in the start-up of a variety of successful businesses, including IntriEnergy. Jeff was the President of an energy start-up company where he raised $7.5 million and secured multiple joint venture and licensing agreements in both Europe and Singapore valued at $266 million USD in gross profit revenue over a 5-year period. Previously, Jeff was a senior partner in Net-Line Inc, a banking development software company focused on time sensitive transactions for banks and clients. Jeff also led a company in the health care industry where he successfully established an international referral system, between health-care providers and patients. His understanding of the technology and science combined with his business acumen provides IntriEnergy with an individual who can direct the achievements of the company world-wide.

Franco Gaspari, EVP, CTO and Director
Dr. Gaspari is a founder of IntriEnergy and inventor of IntriEnergy's patented technologies. Dr. Gaspari has more than 30 years in the field of semiconductor physics at the experimental and theoretical levels. His work has focused on materials and devices R&D in the areas of thin film amorphous silicon and carbon and emerging nano-crystalline materials. Dr. Gaspari co-developed, co-patented and has the research rights to a proprietary PECVD method for the preparation and processing of thin film materials, the Saddle Field Glow Discharge which allows for integration of multiple steps in the manufacturing process providing a significant reduction in manufacturing costs. Dr. Gaspari will lead the Research, Development and Commercialization for IntriEnergy& Technology Platform and future energy innovations. His current project team includes physicists and engineers from University of Toronto, Institute of Semi-Conductor Physics and CNR, Bologna, Italy. Professor Physics, UOIT (Ontario Tech University)
Research Associate, University of Toronto (UofT)
Semiconductor and Photovoltaics Canada
M.Sc. And Ph.D., Physics, UofT
University of Bologna (Italy), undergrad Physics
50+ referred publications and 3 major scientific corporate reports in renowned international journals

Daniel L. Pomerleau, CFO and Director
Mr. Pomerleau brings over three decades of experience in building better businesses that encompasses start-ups, middle market private equity-owned and public companies focused primarily on the manufacturing industry.

Jan Vandesande, EVP Engineering and COO
Mr. Vandesande brings a 25+ year distinguished international career.

Pere Soria Alcazar, VP Product Development
With over 20 years in the solar industry, Mr. Alcazar has in-depth experience in all aspects of PV solar manufacturing and project management.
Amount Raised : $555,828
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