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February 10, 2023
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April 29, 2023
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Company Description

Pivan Interactive, Inc. (d.b.a. "Uncanny" or the "Company") is a production team in a box! We use bleeding-edge AI to watch live streams and create beautiful, engaging productions for streamers so that viewers can spend less time “channel hopping” and enjoy more of the creator they love. Modern AI has given the world ChatGPT for language, Dall-E-2 for images, and now Uncanny for broadcasts. We elevate streamers to the standards of professional broadcasters by automating live-stream production for our growing community of 24,500 streamers around the world. Uncanny also helps the streamers monetize better by giving them more of what they earn. The Company is in the pre-revenue stage of development.

Key Deal Facts

Our AI technology watches live streams with computer vision in real-time, for $0.03/hr/stream, at scale across tens of thousands of streams simultaneously to efficiently improve production quality for our streamers and their viewers.

Live streaming is the fast-growing future of online entertainment, with a market valued at $3.8 billion as of 2021 and a need for accessible professional-level production services as it continues to grow.*

We are led by a highly experienced team and backed by major industry players, including a VP of Sales at Twitch, the Co-Founder of IGN, and the CEO of T1 Entertainment and Sports.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David SturgeonCEO and Co-FounderDavid is a serial startup entrepreneur and has been at the forefront of technology since the early days of the internet. In the early 00s, David put his experience with SEO and E-commerce to use in various successful affiliate marketing campaigns. 
In 2007 David joined his first venture-backed startup Eswarm and was quickly promoted to Head of User Experience. Ultimately, David ran the entire marketing department and helped grow it to over 40 employees. 
In 2016, while Director of Operations for an enterprise-focused E-commerce agency, David created, championed, funded, and managed an internal startup building a software connection between Magento and Amazon for the first time ever. He then successfully led the efforts to sell to Magento (A global e-commerce platform, subsequently acquired by Adobe) pre-consumer launch.
He is an avid lifetime gamer and live-streaming enthusiast who spends his free time with his family. 
Constantine TsangCTO and Co-Founder, Chairman of the BoardConstantine has been a lifelong gamer, and an astromony nerd. He graduated with a PhD in Physics from Oxford University, prior to working on NASA missions for 12 years, exploring planets in our solar system. 
He has worked on missions to Venus, Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. He has been on scientific expeditions to Antarctica and the Artic Circle, which was the topic of his TEDx talk. He has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers, including in Nature and Science, and has appeared in documentaries for the BBC, NOVA and the Weather Channel. 
He was a consultant for Northrop Grumman. He has worked on and flown in high-performance fighter jets, human centrifuges and the Vomit Comet, used to train astronauts, over 8 times. He has a FAA Pilots License in Gliders and Drones. He also has an asteroid named after him., Eric MarcoullierLead Advisor | Co-Founder of IGNEric co-founded IGN Entertainment, now one of the biggest leading internet media companies focused on video games and entertainment, reaching more than 230 million monthly users around the world. He has advised Uncanny since the very beginning.
Since dropping out of college in 1995, Eric has co-founded a variety of companies, including IGN (IPO), MyBlogLog (acquired by Yahoo!), Gnip (acquired by Twitter) and OneTrueFan (acquired by BigDoor). Over the years, he has invested in and advised many early-stage startups, including CitizenNet (acquired by Condé Nast), Foodzie (acquired by Joyus), Intense Debate (acquired by Automattic), Pana (acquired by Coupa), Zemanta (acquired by Outbrain) and Zynga (IPO). 
These days, he is a startup coach, working primarily with first- and second-time founders who have not yet established product/market fit.
Katherine Bowe FumiaInvestor | VP Sales at TwitchKatherine is currently a Vice President of Sales at Twitch, a position she has held for the past 3 years. She has a long history of sales at media and gaming companies. 
Prior to Twitch, she held various executive directorships at Gimlet Media, Pandora, Vox Media and IGN Entertainment. During her time at Twitch and Pandora, she has headed a number of high-profile marketing and sales campaigns, including a crowdsource campaign to convert a Lexus F Sports car into a gaming PC by Twitch streamer Fuslie, and promoting the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with a playlist by Rapper YG. At IGN, she managed and reported on Rockstar Games.  
She holds a BA in Business Marketing at California Polytechnic State University, and was an avid soccer player.
Joe MarshAdvisor | CEO of T1 EntertainmentJoe is the CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports. In this role, he oversees operations based in Seoul, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and is responsible for T1’s global presence and expansion into new businesses and revenue streams surrounding competitive gaming culture and lifestyle, content, and merchandise. 
Joe previously served as CBO of Comcast’s Spectacor Gaming division and the Philadelphia Fusion esports franchise that competes in the Overwatch League. In addition, Joe worked closely behind the Fusion Arena, a 3,500-seat venue in the Philadelphia Sports Complex and stand as the largest new construction, purpose-built esports arena in the Western Hemisphere. 
Joe currently serves as a strategic advisor to Spectacor Gaming and the Philadelphia Fusion. Joe is also a board member of Nerd Street Gamers.
Shawn BrownChief EvangelistShawn has been making content online for 9 years, and has accumulated an audience of over 300K followers for his personal brand “NoctWolfe.” His content is viewed millions of times a month, and was brought on to Uncanny in 2020 to bring our company to the masses. Shawn has been an avid gamer all his life, from playing the Warcraft RTS as a child, to Halo LAN parties in high school, to talking about video game lore to hundreds of thousands of people. Aside from gaming, his hobbies are axe throwing and archery.
Shawn has worked with many sponsors over his time in content creation, always achieving net-gain ROI for the companies he works with, as well as garnering millions of views on the products he's reviewed and promoted. Originally a middle school teacher, Shawn places a great importance on the educational value of his content while also working to help others elevate their own abilities.
Brad MorrisLead EngineerBrad graduated with a Bachelor of Aviation Flight Science from Western Michigan University, minoring in Computer Science with studies at the University of Akureyri, Iceland. He has grown up on computers, learning to program in BASIC at the age of 9 and quickly learning C/C++ from playing and programming IgorMUD in the mid-90s. As websites became a thing, the adventures in Perl ensued. He began pursuing aviation as a teenager and earned his private pilot's license at Plymouth-Mettetal Airport (1D2) in Michigan. After many years of towing gliders and flying skydivers, he is now the Senior Captain for a private owner, flying a Gulfstream G600 around the world. But no matter where he's at, you can always find him behind his gaming laptop taking out the bad guys.
Chris VievilleHead of Sales and PartnershipChris hails from the frozen beaches of the Bay Area and was immersed in tech and startups from a very early age. He vividly remembers his father bringing home one of the 1st home PCs with a whopping 12 inch floppy disk drive. Naturally while he had been informed it would help with schoolwork all he did was play video games - thus was born a lifelong love of gaming. His business acumen was birthed and honed on the cold and unforgiving blacktop of his middle school playground, after he discovered what his classmates would pay to peruse that stack of magazines he found in the back of a closet. Chris has done time in the corporate jungle but is much more at home founding and leading growth focused startups. Extensively traveled and having lived on 3 continents he speaks multiple languages terribly. Chris is a firm believer in the power of play and knows the world would be a better place if we just spent more time gaming.

Anton KingComputer Vision EngineerAnton acquired his Computer Science degree from the University of Minnesota, with strong focus on deep learning and computer vision. His experience in AI is enriched through his collaboration with a team of researchers on a paper which propelled deep learning research in the animation industry. He is a lifelong gamer, playing games such as Super Mario Bros and Pokémon when he was just a child. His deep learning and videogame passions intersect often, at Uncanny as well as on a custom AI he created to beat professional Super Mario Bros players record times.
Amount Raised : $57,608
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