Quantum Photonics

Quantum Photonics

Lighting the Way to Self-Sustaining Energy

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Tyler, TX
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February 13, 2023
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April 14, 2023
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Company Description

We are an energy tech company harnessing quantum technology to amplify light into sustainable energy. We are currently developing our prototypes, which have been third-party verified to successfully convert light into energy.

Key Deal Facts

We believe that we have successfully harnessed the potential of quantum technology to convert light into additional energy. We believe this can reshape the way we power the globe.

We believe that our technology has the potential to decarbonize the $3.2 trillion global energy market, with multiple compatible applications across Solar, LED, Heliostats, and Sensor technologies such as LiDAR and Quantum Compute.*

We have been granted multiple patents, our technology has been scientifically verified by a third party, and we have a verbally-committed major manufacturing relationship in place.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Yttrium SaiyanFounder and CEOYttrium has been creating innovative technologies for almost ten years as a strong corporate executive and continues to push technology past the limits of modern science. With a software and hardware engineering background, he has served as a Chairman, President, CEO, CTO, Director of Operations, Network Operations Engineer, Software Sales Engineer, and is currently the President of venture capital firm Saiyan Innovations. Yttrium Saiyan founded Energy Tech Company Quantum Photonics Corporation and has invented various disruptive photonics technologies, including “Quantum Power Cores.” Yttrium is a Quantum Activist and believes in the global transition away from Newtonian technologies and is ushering in the Quantum Era. His skills are Innovation, Optics, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Management, Networking, and Quantum Physics.
Dave SchuettePresidentDave Schuette serves as President for Quantum Photonics. Since the Company’s inception, he has driven business operations and product-related activities. Dave is a business management executive with 30+ years of experience working in private and public technology, software, and consulting industries in leadership positions. Dave’s competencies focus on transforming businesses that require bridging business and technology domain expertise including digital, information management, advanced analytics, mobility, and identity management serving the financial services, pharmaceutical, and communications industries. Most recently Dave was an Executive Vice President at a public tech company, Synchronoss Technologies. Before Synchronoss, Dave was a founding partner of the data and analytics consulting firm, Knowledgent. Dave was on the leadership team and head of the strategy practice for BusinessEdge Solutions which EMC acquired. Dave received the Top 25 consultant of the year award from Consulting Magazine in 2007 and earned a BS in Communications from Miami University, Oxford, OH.
Mary McInneryChief Technology and Product OfficerMary McInerny serves as Chief Technology Officer and Board Member for Quantum Photonics. Since the Company’s inception, she has assisted in forging alliances between Quantum Photonics and the oldest, largest, and most advanced manufacturing companies in the photonics industry. Mary continues to work closely with the CEO to manage, report, and direct the research and development efforts around Quantum Power. Backed by her network of industry-leading scientists and fueled by her passion for Quantum Physics, Optics, and Crystallography, she has joined our mission to advance both Quantum Photonics Technology and Humanity., Jerry GarrettFinance/Accounting
Kelly StarrBoard Member, and Chief Financial Officer
Amount Raised : $10,615
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