Eco-Friendly Living Made Easy: Invest in Klaeny’s Sustainable Household Products

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Retail, Consumer Goods & Products, Financial Services
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Berlin, , Germany

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⚡️ 2.4mil EUR revenue 2021 (up from 1.7mil EUR): We’re one of Europe’s leading household D2C brands
🥰 Our customer base has grown to over 150,000
🤝 Net Promoter Score of 60 (eCommerce average is 40): Customer would recommend our products
🆙 Our average subscriber value (LTV) is more than 85 EUR with almost 2000 active subscriptions
✨ Significant improvement in retention rate: 20% increase in 6-month and 60% increase in 3-month YoY
🥳 Amazon Sales startet 2022 with a high of 54% in growth rate
🧼 Raised 2.5mil EUR from investors (Berlin State VC & German founders with multi-million EUR exits)
♻️ Sales in the B2B area with a growth rate of up to 102% (August 2022)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Pascal Ebadian CEOPassionate e-commerce and digital marketing professional with a drive for fast-growing and innovative businesses, specializing in growing digital companies. Striving to bring sustainable solutions to everyday life and making klæny's vision come true., Jannes Meier FounderA visionary entrepreneur and founder of klæny, bringing sustainable solutions to the forefront of household cleaning. Named one of Germany's top 100 founders in 2019 at 27, for creating 100% sustainable cleaning tabs that dissolve with tap water., Nicolas Pless FounderWith a passion for plastics recycling and a background in industrial engineering, Nicolas brings a unique perspective to developing sustainable cleaning products. He is responsible for production and product development, ensuring the highest quality.
Amount Raised : €366,935
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