The first multiplayer internet browser built for collaboration

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Key Deal Facts

Disrupting a $213B global market of internet browsers and collaboration software. Rethinking product that is used by 4 Billion people. Raised a total of $2.5M in previous rounds from 9 VCs and 2 angels. 45% of total users use Stack as their main browser every workday. 15% of daily active users upgraded to lifetime paid membership. N1 product of the day on Product Hunt at launch date.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Giorgi Laliashvili CEO4x founder with 1 exit. After his B.Sc in Phisics, George became a nerd for building things that people love. Specialized in growing companies from 0 to 100 employees., Zviad Sichinava CTOMastermind behind the vision of Stack. Zviad has a 13-year track record of building and launching the experiences of the future. With his life-long passion for bringing human touch to the technology, Ziko has built 10+ tech products., Ika Pkhakadze Tech Leadex-cloud application developer at Philips. Ika is an Incredibly skilled software engineer with 12+ years of experience building large-scale application architecture., Dachi Gubadze COODachi is an experienced project manager and data analyst with a Ph.D. in Economics and Data Science and over a 12-year track record of leading operations across large multidisciplinary teams., David Gavasheli CFO5x founder with 2 exits. David holds a degree in law and MBA from the LSC. Along with having a profound background leading corporations, David is also a big advocate for the WEB3.0 and fair wealth distribution by business to communities., Daniel Kocielinski Lead EngineerAs an excellent Chromium C++ engineer with over 15 years of experience, Daniel took part in building the Opera browser. His proficinecy in web browser technologies help Stack craft a hybrid technology for building multiplayer experiences., Shalva Gegia Lead EngineerShalva is an exceptional software engineer and security enthusiast with 9+ years of experience in both web & native technologies. Before joining as the first employee in Stack's product team, Shalva had launched 2 mobile apps - still loved by thousands!, David Petriashvili Lead DesignerIngenious UI & interaction designer. Petro's passion for building simple and useful experiences since the age of 15 has brought him to work with award-winning creative agencies such as Leavingstone and Redberry before he joined Stack., Mariam Kimeridze Product AnalystAn outstanding data-analyst with two Masters degrees in Computer Scineces and Technology Management and a 15-year experience of working with tech-products., Veronika Melia Content ManagerVeronika is a creative digital marketer with a great passion and a knack for content planning and social media., Nini Jikia Customer SuccessNini is the first Gen Z employee at Stack - friendly and sociable, currently finishing her Bachelor's studies in Digital Media and Communications in Budapest., Felix Rieseberg Tech AdvisorFelix is one of the creators of the technology framework used by Figma, Slack, and others including Stack. His outstanging track record of engineering management at Microsoft, Slack, and Stripe make him an invaluable addition to the Stack team.

Amount Raised : $500,970
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