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Seattle Gummy Company

Seattle Gummy Company

Functional Healthcare With Gummies Instead Of Pills

Min Investment
Seattle, WA
Offering Date
October 29, 2021

Company Description

Dr. Connie Wan is no different than any other parent who has struggled to get a little kid to take medication during a bout of sickness. She fumbled with syringes and syrups and worried whether the proper measurements had been made and dosages consumed. Not satisfied with the way we administer medications, Connie sought to find a better way. After seeing gummy vitamins during a visit to her local Costco, it clicked: “Gummy has been a candy formulation for centuries, this is a great formulation for drugs.'” Gummies are the perfect format because as they are chewed and dissolve slowly in the mouth the compounds absorb quickly through the oral mucosa rather than getting destroyed in the stomach or filtered out by the liver like traditional pills, tablets, and syrups.

Key Deal Facts

Pill protestors rejoice, no more swallowing horse pill, no more sticky spilly syrup
Received the IND approval from FDA on the world first ever gummy medicine
10+ gummy medicine developed, 5 in FDA approval process, and 16+ functional gummy products in stores
40+ Patents pending and 30 International Trademarks
$10M+ Raised from VC, PE and FOs; and R&D collaborations with Fortune500 partners
Endless revenue generation: Functional Gummies, Gummy Medicine, IP licensing, R&D service
Poised to address a $1200B dollar global pharmaceutical market or TAM
In 4500+ stores across US, e-commerce to all 50 States and in China with $2.5M revenue to date

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Connie Wan
CEO & Founder
Named inventor on 200+ patent with "more degrees than a thermometer" sporting 5 professional degrees including a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, J.D. (Law) and Master in Medicine; Extensive experience in business, law, technology and consumer psychology.

Bradley Fitch
Director, Operation and Marketing
An operational wizard -- methodical, dogged, focused and extensively experienced as a creative operation strategist skilled at building growth opportunities, best-in-class marketing strategy, turning insights into action and plan into results.

Chris Bailey
Director, Sales
A true "hunter" with proven track records in bringing in revenue, dramatically expanding sales channels, building performance driven sales organizations; extensively experienced in go-to-market strategic through B2B, B2C, retail and digital channels.
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