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Preferred Stock
Technology, Health & Fitness
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Brooklyn, NY
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October 28, 2021
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April 26, 2022
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Company Description

Squatz Fitness is a platform that connects fitness trainers and fitness seekers in real time - enabling them to train anywhere, either in person or virtually. Our software allows fitness trainers to leverage their free time and easily market their services to anyone seeking new skills, motivation, and helping achieve fitness goals.

Key Deal Facts

Organic users in over 12 countries and 87% user growth in our first year. That’s because our company business model and structure focuses around a profit margin of 80% - and is built to increase as users within the network grow.
We have secured exclusive product partnership contracts with Industry giants NutriChef and LifePro.
We have a founding team led by Harvard-educated techies, developers, and creatives with a combined work experience that includes building two companies with sales exceeding $170 million.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David Anthony Crowley
CEO / Co-Founder
David Crowley is the CEO and co-founder of SQUATZ. Mr. Crowley has worked as a growth strategy consultant specializing in consumer engagement, market alignment, digital product development, and digital user design. As a member of MIT University's Computational Law Report, Mr. Crowley has twice spoken as a guest speaker at the United Nations World Data Forum, presenting on issues concerned with measuring and combatting modern slavery with data-driven solutions. Mr. Crowley has co-authored two publication for MIT's Computational Law Report on topics surronding data analysis. Before working in corporate management, Mr. Crowley held positions in project and operations management for major television and Broadway productions. As a project manager, he helped to oversee the completion of various multi-million dollar ventures (credits include projects for NBC, Direct TV, The Public Theater, The Syfy Network, CBS, and IFC). Mr. Crowley is currently studying Business Administration with a minor in Economics at Harvard University. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School Apprenticeship Program (2014).

Jerry Brach
COO / Co-Founder
Jerry is an entrepreneur at heart, recently launching BallBox to challenge Amazon Lockers, and co-founded Squatz Fitness. As President of Sound Around, USA (including Pyle Audio), the company expanded online and into the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East - adding appliances, outdoor equipment, and sports and fitness products.
Jerry's primary occupation is with Pyle USA. He currently works 6 hours per week in his roles with SQUATZ.
Amount Raised : $50,949
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