Kibe Bryant Game Worn Jacket

Kibe Bryant Game Worn Jacket


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Simply iconic and Hall of Fame worthy, this Lakers warm-up jacket was worn by the late great Kobe Bryant during the 2000 NBA Championship Ring Ceremony and throughout the 2000-2001 NBA season. Signed by Bryant on the front above the Lakers logo, the jacket has been photo matched by MeiGray and Sports Investors Authentication and contains an additional Letter of Authenticity from the Los Angeles Lakers. This jacket was worn and used by Bryant for an 8-month span - an incredibly rare and historic find. The item carries additional significance since the 2000 and 2001 seasons represent Bryant’s first two NBA Championships of his illustrious and historic career. Kobe memorabilia is on fire, with a rookie game-worn jersey recently selling for $3.69M.

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A Hall of Fame worthy artifact from one of the most notable moments of his career, Lakers great Kobe Bryant was wearing this exact jacket as David Stern presented him with the First NBA Championship Ring of his career during the 2000 NBA Championship Ring Ceremony.
● At the Ring Ceremony, Chick Hearn called Kobe’s name to collect his jewelry, referring to him as “The brilliant 22-year-old phenom, Kobe Bryant!” as Staples Center roared. Kobe pumped his fist in the air with the infectious smile that made him so adored and immediately flipped to the “stone-cold” Mamba face as he collected his ring.
●After the ring ceremony, the Lakers unveiled and raised the 2000 NBA Championship banner as Kobe and the Lakers watched with Queen’s “We are the Champions” blasting through the arena. Kobe turned to the camera showing off his ring with a huge smile, and stated, “Right there, that’s 1!”. The Mamba knew there was more to come.
● The Lakers’ 2000 Championship, and thus the Ring Ceremony, was a monumental moment for both the Lakers franchise and Kobe Bryant. This was Kobe Bryant’s first-ever championship, the first of 5 rings he won in his career. This was the Laker’s first title since 1988 and a tremendous night for not only Kobe, but Shaquille O’Neal who also presented with the first Championship ring of his career.
● The jacket was worn by Kobe Bryant throughout the 2000-2001 season at Staples Center from the home opener through the 2001 NBA Finals versus the Philadelphia 76ers.
● Worn by Kobe extensively over an 8 month period of time. It is incredibly rare to see any Kobe Bryant artifact surface that has been photo matched to being in use for such an extended period of time.
● The warm up jacket is signed by Kobe Bryant on the front above the Lakers logo.
● Jacket is accompanied by Letters of Authenticity from the Los Angeles Lakers, MeiGray and Sports Investors Authentication. The only known artifact to have ever been photo matched by MeiGray as being worn by Kobe during the 2001 NBA Finals.
● The jacket was likely worn by Kobe Bryant in Game 7 of the 2001 Western Conference Finals at Staples Center as the Lakers defeated the Trailblazers in one of the most iconic games in NBA History. The Lakers would go on to win their second consecutive NBA Championship in 2001.
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