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Preferred Stock
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Miami, FL
Offering Date
October 25, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2022
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Company Description

Issuer Pixel has developed a disruptive video and audio sharing platform for companies that solves many problems that currently exist on popular video sharing platforms. The Company’s powerful video and audio search engine provides the granularity, relevance and congruity of results to enable companies and their associated videos and audio on the Issuer Pixel platform to both be found, that otherwise would remain in obscurity and provide these companies with enduring visibility. Engineered Tax Services looks forward to utilizing the Issuer Pixel platform as our external facing corporate video library.

Key Deal Facts

CEO has had private-to-APO exits, producing investment returns of 1,300x (ZAGG) and 400x (GLXZ)
CEO co-founded fintech company Revere Data LLC, which was acquired by Factset Data Systems in 2013
Company currently in Beta - growing customers by 150% per month
Patent strategy protects Issuer Pixel’s intellectual property - 1 patent issued, 2 patents pending
Recently applied for millions in government grants (4 grants) to minimize investor dilution
Video/Audio Library with Total Content Control and Uniform and Relevant Video/Audio Search Results
Global Visibility and Commerce and Communications

Use of Proceeds

($50,001) With only $50,000 raised, we will not bring on full-time employees for cash compensation. Most new hires will be offered equity only.  Marketing: 36.1%: Includes social media advertising and visibility services. Platform Design & Development: 19.2%: Includes one new paid developer to accelerate platform development. Legal: 5.7%: Includes fees for Issuer Pixel IP. Developing Proprietary Content: 26.6%: Includes one new part-time analyst.  Other: 4.9% Wefunder intermediary fee: 7.5%

($1,999,999) Marketing: 36.1%: Includes two Sales/Business Dev full-time employees, and one Digital Marketing Specialist. Platform Design & Development: 19.2%: Includes eight full-time developers. Legal: 5.7%: Includes fees for Issuer Pixel IP. Developing Proprietary Content: 26.6%: Includes three full-time research analysts. Other: 4.9% Wefunder intermediary fee: 7.5%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David Baker
CEO and Chief Product Architect
David co-founded Revere Data LLC (fka Sectorbase), which was eventually acquired by Factset Data Systems, Inc. David’s 29-year career includes leading three hedge funds, proprietary trading, investment banking, and securities brokerage.

David Guzy
Chief Research & Content Officer, Interim CFO
David founded a business consulting firm that has helped various startups understand their financials and make better strategic decisions. Also, he was a VP at Bank of America.

Vadim Tarasov
Chief Information Officer
Vadim founded and has co-owned a software development company for 8-years and has worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.
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