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October 22, 2021
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July 15, 2022
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Company Description

NODABL provides private LTE and 5G broadband networks “as a service,” enabling enterprises to leverage the power of data through digital transformation of their operations. Our mission is to become the nation's leading provider of broadband enabling people, communities, and enterprises to flourish.

Key Deal Facts

Market Pull. Growing interest from enterprise and local government customers who are discovering that private LTE/5G wireless networks are affordable and critical to the digital transformation of their operations.
State-of-the-art Solutions. Best-in-class technologies through channel partner relationships with world class OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as Motorola Solutions and Nokia, who pioneered cellular technology.
Go-to-Market Ecosystem. NODABL has established extensive "development partnerships" to address a diverse set of verticals including K-12 and higher education, local and tribal governments, healthcare, hospitality, utilities, and manufacturing.
Attractive Financials. Typical network sale ranges from $ 0.5M to $ 3.5M in CAPEX at ~40% gross margins and is accompanied by a 3- to 10-year recurring revenue stream from managed services.
Perfect Storm. Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the criticality of broadband for the economy. Release of 150 MHz of CBRS spectrum by FCC for unlicensed access and cloud hosting of core network functions make private networks affordable for small and large enterprises alike.
Experienced Team. NODABL founders and principals together bring over 75 years of experience in broadband fiber, wireless networks, telecommunications, and deregulated energy markets.

Use of Proceeds

Most monies raised irrespective of the target reached will be deployed towards revenue generating tasks of acquiring customers (e.g., Business Development, Pre-Sales Engineering, and Marketing).

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Aroon Tungare - CEO & President
Dr. Aroon Tungare is a wireless industry veteran who is widely credited for driving miniaturization of the mobile phone to its current elegant form factor and for implementing some of the smarts seen in today’s smartphones. As Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tungare’s mission is to make NODABL the preferred partner for broadband networks and services that enable people, communities, and businesses to flourish, and thus create significant economic value for NODABL’s customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Steve Wilson - Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary
Mr. Steve Wilson is a veteran of fiber optics communications and deregulated electricity industries. As Chairman of NODABL’s Management Board, Mr. Wilson provides strategic guidance to the company as it marches forward on its 5G journey.
Amount Raised : $32,500
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