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Boheme Retreats

Vintage Camper Retreat

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Revenue Sharing
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Hillsdale, NY
Offering Date
November 02, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 24, 2021
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Company Description

Boheme Retreats is seeking funding to develop a vintage camper retreat in Hillsdale, NY. We are in contract on the property, 15.8 acres with a pond and have received zoning board approval, in the form of a variance and a special permit for the campground. The campground is approved for 14 vintage campers and 6 glamping tents. Here's a little bit about the project: This is an opportunity in the outdoor camping industry for the development of a new vintage camper retreat. Boheme Retreats brand will be developing multiple locations within the next 10 years. The first campground will be located in Hillsdale, NY, just a 2 hours from NYC. We have identified a lack of quality camping options in this area and a real need for something that is sustainable, our aim is to capitalize on the draw of this beautiful setting. 

Key Deal Facts

Each year, 40+ million Americans go camping
Boheme Retreats meets the enormous demand for an alternative way to camp.
1st Vintage Camper Retreat in NY
In 2021 10.1 million households camped for the first-time and half of these first time campers tried glamping.
The Glamping market is set to reach USD 5.41 billion by 2028.

Use of Proceeds

  • Planning zoining approval fees/attorney: $0
  • Engineer/Design: $10,000
  • Site Clearing/Gravel/Mulch: $5,000
  • Electric: $7,000
  • Water-Pipes water-well: $30,000
  • Sewer Septic tank: $20,000
  • 8 Campers/FFE: $50,000
  • 4 Tents/FFE: $20,000
  • Camp Bathroom: $7,000
  • Tools/Storage: $2,000
  • Storage facility: $4,000
  • Working Capital: $0
  • Land Purchase: $80,000
  • Mainvest Compensation: $15,000

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Keva Niver
Keva has been a construction manager for over 10 years. She excels in taking projects from start to finish. In her current role she manages multiple projects, subcontractors, production teams and installers. She loves design and renovation projects. Her love for the outdoors and camping is what motivated her to develop a campground.

Rudel Felicien
Operations Manager/COO
Rudel is an avid surfer, and outdoor lover. He is part owner and manger of a surf shop in Rockaway, NY.

Rich Rossmassler
Business Advisor
Rich is a designer / builder with a focus on environmentally friendly design using natural, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable material choices. His hospitality ventures include 5 New York City restaurants and a portfolio of vacation rentals.

Ben Sargent
STR Advisor
Ben is American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality and artist. Chef, designer and previous owner of Hurricane Hopeful and Surf Bar both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City. Currently managing 8 STR units.
Amount Raised : $0
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