Shift Labs

Shift Labs

Infusion Therapy

Min Investment
Seattle, WA
Offering Date
November 04, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 02, 2022

Company Description

We are a company driven by innovation to ensure all people have access to the highest quality of infusion care.  As more and more medications are being infused outside of hospitals, we saw the need to provide a solution to remove the complexity and cost of infusion pumps from the process and enable nurses to never have to manually count drops again.  

Key Deal Facts

First-to-market infusion monitor to measure the rate of intravenous infusions, a.k.a. IV’s.
Portable, battery-powered, used in hospitals, by emergency responders and in patients' homes.
Sold and used in dozens of countries with strong reference customers across multiple industries.
Adopted by Global Health organizations for use in response to recent COVID-19 and Ebola outbreaks.
Regulatory validation as the only infusion monitor with FDA clearance and ISO 13485 certification.
Strong IP protection, with 5 patents issued in the U.S. and 1 pending.
Two non-dilutive gov't grants to support product innovation: USAID - $254,000 and AFWRX - $879,800.
Clinical validation shows improved accuracy of infusion and reduction of frequency of side effects.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dave Anderson
President and CEO
Developed and transformed new software and business solutions focused on protecting individual privacy rights and helping users safely and more efficiently engage with their digital community.

Chie Kawahara
Chief Product Officer
Has over 15 years of diverse product management and technology development experience with numerous healthcare products, including an award-winning neurorehabilitation device and a digital healthcare concierge.

Claire Storck
Clinical Coordinator
Has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade and has honed her ability to synthesize customer needs and transform them into actionable solutions.
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