Mona Lisa by Lil Pump

Mona Lisa by Lil Pump

Lil Pump's New Single

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Security Type
Crowd IPA
Min Investment
Offering Date
November 04, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 04, 2021
Amount Raised
No. Investors
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

Invest in Lil Pump's "Mona Lisa" ft. Soulja Boy and share in the royalties
Your interest in Mona Lisa Song LLC will be represented by a Security-NFT*
This will be the mechanism to receive any potential royalty distributions
Song royalties are accumulated through streaming, licensing, ads, and more
Royalty distributions to investors are slated to begin in Q1 2022
Total track streams: Lil Pump 2B+ & Soulja Boy 1B+ (Oct 2021)
Total monthly Spotify listeners: Lil Pump 7M & Soulja Boy 10M (Oct 2021)

Security Description

Crowd IPA (Interests Purchase Agreement) is a simple agreement to acquire membership units of a limited liability company.

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