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Kardashian Green New Deal

Kardashian Green New Deal

Recyclable Gold Lined Coffee Cup And Pizza Box

Security Type
Convertible Note
Financial Services
Min Investment
Savannah, GA
Offering Date
November 07, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 05, 2022

Company Description

2017-2019 Our Founder first started developing a VIP silver lined pizza box given the massive 20 Billion PA Global market & the old brown pizza box, starting production at China’s largest silver packaging Co which was NASDAQ LIsted, but still unable to produce the ‘Holy Grail’ being a 100% Recyclable Pizza box. 2020 Our Founder discovered a new unique metalizing process to make the 100% Recyclable & an ultra thin lining, which could also be embossed to create our Founder’s desired “Belgium Waffle” 3D grid to lift the pizza above the oil. Bingo! The perfect Pizza Box was born, 100 miles better than anything else on the market. Added with To-Go food container that keeps food much HOTTER

Key Deal Facts

KGND Inc controls the Patent on this 100% Recyclable metalizing process that makes our gold-lined products, so unique
KGND's Patent includes an oil draining grid that keeps the pizza dry & 'stays hotter', for longer
The big home delivery Co's like DoorDash, really need KGND's stay-hot, stunning gold metallized, oil-draining pizza box
Kardashian's patented range of 100% recyclable Coffee cups, Pizza boxes & To-Go boxes, are set to become a Global leader
The Global market will be supplied by a KGND factory being set up in the 25 biggest cities & stays 90% owned by KGND Inc
Cost to set up 5 of these KGND factories is $600k each, which inc working capital will be paid by this initial $5M C/F
KGND will set up its HQ & 1st factory in Atlanta + 4 more in NY, Chicago, LA & Houston from Wefunder's initial $5M C/F
KGND will set up 25 factories in 1st 2 years in global Capital Cities, to avoid importing & assuring Global penetration

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Alan Jorgensen
Kardashian GND Inc is about to start its journey in creating the biggest selling 100% Recyclable Pizza Box & Coffee Cup & To-Go pack in the world

Kristina Kardashian
Redesigned previous Branding from the Silver-lined "Platinum Pizza Box" to using her Kardashian name together with high class gold theme and expanding the Pizza product range to include the Coffee Cup & 'To-Go' box

Aman Tiwari
Developed own specialized Metallization business in India at a young age
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