Doroni Aerospace

Doroni Aerospace

The Future of Personal Mobility

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Common Stock
Transportation & Storage
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Coral Springs, FL
Offering Date
November 10, 2021
Expected Close Date
May 10, 2022
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Company Description

Doroni has developed a safe, and affordable Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft, or “eVTOL,” that everyone can personally fly and park in their home garage. You just need a driving license and a quick course which we will provide. We started Doroni to help people transport themselves in a faster, safer, cheaper, greener, simpler, and more efficient manner.

Key Deal Facts

The global automotive industry in 2020 was worth $3.6 trillion. In the US alone, it was worth $86 billion
Doroni won 2nd place in both the Florida Aerospace 2021 Forum and a nationwide aerospace competition (among 65 companies)
Doroni Designed, built, tested, and lifted off the ground a 643 pound, full scale, single-seat, prototype eVTOL

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Doron Merdinger, CEO & Co-Founder
A serial entrepreneur and problem solver, Doron Merdinger is Doroni Aerospace's founder, chief executive officer, and owner. After graduating from the New York University's renowned Stern School of Business, Merdinger embarked on a successful career starting and expanding his own companies and managing eight-figure firms to unprecedented revenue growth. Over the last 25 years, he has gained vast experience in management, product design, manufacturing, sales, and vendor relationships. These experiences guided his design and engineering of the company’s single-seat, electric-powered hovering vehicle that served as the inspiration and forerunner of the Doroni flying car prototype. His vision continues to provide the foundation of Doroni mission. A well-regarded collaborator and communicator, Merdinger has assembled a best-in-class technical team whose complementary expertise and experiences are leading the way to bringing practical personal urban flying vehicles to fruition. Served in the Israeli Air Force. Honor student. Bs. Stern School of Business, New York University.

Czar Balangue, Chief Systems Development Engineer
Czar Balangue has over 6 years mixed experience in software and electronics engineering. His experience extends to embedded software development for research and development of unmanned aircraft systems, consumer electronics and medical devices. He has also taken on roles as a systems engineer in some of his aerospace projects and leading the software and electronics development. He has worked for various drone tech start-ups, a flight simulation company, consumer electronics design and manufacturer and a consultancy firm. MEng (HONS) Digital Communications and Electronics, University of Hertfordshire. United Kingdom.

Roman Antonov, Co-Founder & Chief Aerodynamics & Mechanical Engineer
Roman Antonov has over fifteen years of experience in the Aerospace Engineering field. He is responsible for fluid dynamic calculations, mechanical design and integration of all components of design into one device. Mr. Antonov worked in one of the largest aircraft engineering companies in the world(Antonov Design Bureau), participated in design and production of a drones, monowheel, hoverboard, electric bike, electric trucks. He developed extensive experience as Chief Technical Officer and Chief Executive Officer in private firms. Mr. Antonov attended National Aviation University in Ukraine where he earned his Master degree in Aerospace Engineering with Honors.
Amount Raised : $332,738
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