Controlling the Cost of Weather

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Common Stock
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Scotts Valley, CA
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November 11, 2021
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May 12, 2022
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Company Description

Our mission is to help the world better understand and control the enormous impact of weather. Our exclusive data and AI-driven modeling deliver more accurate weather information, resulting in better decision-making and significant cost savings for our customers. As the climate changes and the impact of weather increases, the value of our service - and its importance to the planet - will only grow larger.

Key Deal Facts

Established Company that Doubled Revenues Last Year. We have solid traction and a clear path toward greater success, with more than 40,000 paying customers and millions of users. Our revenues were $2.9m in 2019, approx. $6.5m in 2020, and we are just getting started.
Weather has a Huge Impact on $85 Trillion Global GDP. The current market for weather data and decision support already exceeds $7 billion and the addressable market is much larger - and growing. Climate Change is fueling demand for more and better weather data. Our products are disrupting the existing, fragmented market and positioning us to take advantage of the expanding opportunity.
Defensible Proprietary Advantages. Our powerful Nearcast Technology and trade leverages strategic patents and proprietary data to guarantee better results for customers. Our expanding network of Tempest Hardware systems (over 30,000 already deployed) combined with our AI-based weather modeling gives us an unrivaled advantage over would-be competitors.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Buck Lyons
CEO, Director, and Chairman
After early career years in finance, Buck has many years experience building and selling start-ups in a variety of industries. He has been involved in the weather and environmental space since 2000, when he co-founded WFn Holdings. He also co-founded environmental data aggregator Synoptic Data PBC in 2012. Buck holds a BA in Mathematics from Middlebury College and MBA from Stanford University. Against his will, he is occasionally featured in our marketing videos, since hiring someone who can act is too expensive.

David St. John
Chief Technology Officer
Starting his career at General Dynamics, David has since been involved with several successful start-ups. His entrepreneurial streak began with a venture formed during graduate school. David has strong expertise in both hardware and software, with a BS in Engineering from the University of Florida and an MS in Engineering from the University of California. An avid wind & water sportsman, his passion around creating better weather data was born of a selfish desire to get more time on the water (saving the world is just icing on the cake). David is affectionately known here as Pooh Bear for his relentless optimism and likeability while driving his team hard.
Amount Raised : $1,065,695
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