Accelerating Sustainable Technology Through Cost-Effective Recycling

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Common Stock
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Colorado Springs, CO
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November 12, 2021
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May 11, 2022
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Company Description

We believe Redivivus is the complete solution to lithium-ion battery recycling. Our proprietary technologies provide full-service logistics, battery passivation and material recovery service for end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. The ultimate success of the Redivivus mission is the safe transportation of battery material and cost-effective recycling that supports long term, multi-planetary life. The team experience spans the entire battery lifecycle from cell & battery design, system architecture and component testing, processing and manufacturing, metallurgy, and supply chain management.

Key Deal Facts

Redivivus provides cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, full service lithium-ion battery recycling services with high manufacturing margins
Total global nickel demand for superalloys and stainless steels is approximately 1.617 kilotons at current market price of roughly $32 billion. Redivivus is planning to open two plants, and if and when it does, it expects that its novel, no-burn metal recovery process could potentially supply 0.3% of the total available market in 2026.
Opportunity to invest in the improvement of our planet’s waste stream, as 93% of Americans show a concern for the current state of the environment and climate

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Erika Guerrero
Chief Executive Officer
Erika is an influential and dynamic leader with a natural ability to pilot change effectively. She founded the energy storage design and consulting firm, Electric Goddess. Previous experience leading joint venture operations between BorgWarner and Romeo Power, and worked on the Dragon 1 capsule at SpaceX.
Erika's primary occupation is at Electric Goddess. She works 25 hours per week for Redivivus.

Eric Krepps
President & Chief Financial Officer
Executive with over 30 years experience in the automotive, industrial and aerospace supply base. Eric is an executive with deep experience in finance and operations management. Eric has held positions as CFO, COO, and most recently President of Constellium Automotive North America. Past company experience includes Eaton, Faurecia, Raytech, CMW and Constellium. Krepps is a proven executive with bottom line success in both turn-around and growth businesses. He was responsible for the leadership of six Greenfield plant start-ups and growing the automotive division 5X and turning a top quartile profit company. Eric holds is a past Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA and BSBA degree in business from Bowling Green State University. Eric has held business leadership positions in steadily increasing roles of responsibility including ex-pat assignments in Singapore and Mexico.
Eric Krepps splits his time between Second Act LLC, Vytalization Consulting, Desert Day Dreamer, and Redivivus, working part time for all of them. Most of his time is currently spent on Redivivus (20 hours per week), and he plans to go full-time once they secure adequate funding.

Erik Fleming
Chief Operations Officer & Treasurer
Erik has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader in global supply chain operations in the lithium ion battery market. He has held Supply Chain leadership roles at SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Romeo Power, and Apple.
Erik's primary occupation is working at ERF Consulting. He works 10 hours per week at Redivivus.
Amount Raised : $322,157
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