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November 22, 2021
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July 11, 2023
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Company Description

Lash extensions are the gold standard in lash beauty but have a major downside -- they take hours to apply. LUUM’s patented A.I. technology will enable beauty-service providers to safely apply stunning extensions in minutes, changing the game for clients and the beauty industry. LUUM Lash Technology is currently in the prototype phase and not yet available to the general market.

Key Deal Facts

Eyelash extensions are amazing and addictive -- Popular globally, consumers spend appx. $1200 per year getting and maintaining them, on par with treatments like Botox yielding a global TAM of at least $20 billion.
Favorably, eyelash extensions are a non-medical, unregulated market and the stunning results make such a huge impact, their popularity spans most ages and demographics.
LUUM is already partnered with a Top 5 cosmetics brand and its largest investor is the well-known Foundation Capital.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lynn Heublein
Chairwoman and Co-Founder
Lynn is the leading US entrepreneur in aesthetics, having helmed medi-spa chain, Skin Spirit for over 10 years (growing it to become the #1 reseller for Allergan Botox). Skin Spirit is renowned for innovating the category, providing cosmetic treatments in a welcoming and luxurious, non-clinical setting.
Prior, she held leadership positions at, Catapult Entertainment, and Procter & Gamble.

Nathan Harding
CEO, Director, and Co-founder
Nate is a veteran robotics pioneer, having co-founded and taken public Ekso Bionics, as a co-inventor of the company and founding technology. He served as CEO three times, the last time including 2 years as a public company, and he raised over $100M in a difficult technology space.
Prior, he led teams in developing high-speed automation equipment, including the world's fastest offshore-pipeline welding system, optical-fiber draw-tower take-up, optical-fiber proof-testing machine, and semiconductor FOUP buffer.
Amount Raised : $691,699
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