Hudson Space System

Hudson Space System

Research in the Final Frontier, for everyone.

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Common Stock
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Hoboken, NJ
Offering Date
November 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 16, 2022
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Company Description

Hudson Space Systems is the first-ever full-stack Microgravity as a Service™ (MaaS™) research and manufacturing solution. We’re launching accessible, affordable, and customized microgravity flights to advance the future of science, business, and technology. The Company is pre-revenue and is currently in the R&D stage of testing prototypes.

Key Deal Facts

Demand Is Increasing - Space is a rapidly growing market, with hundreds of companies looking for innovative services and resources every year. Hudson Space Systems is building a critical piece of infrastructure for that market.
Our Team Means Business - The stellar team behind our initiative is made up of rocket scientists, and astrophiles alike, with a track record of committed customers, partners, investors, prototypes, and successful tests.
Innovation in the Fast Lane - Multinational corporations have already learned that researching in microgravity accelerates their time to market and fuels innovation. This growth applies to many engineered materials that make big-tech level impacts down here on earth, from semiconductors and fiber optics to drug development and cell cultures. We will be the easiest way for researchers and companies to pursue this advantage.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Nathan Tahbaz
CEO & President
Nathan is a space nerd with experience in management, systems, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and project management. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and is also finishing a Master's program in Space Systems Engineering.

Monica Traupmann
COO & Vice President
Monica is an explosions enthusiast with thruster design experience as an intern for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. She currently works for Army Futures Command DEVCOM AC on novel rocket technology. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Dakota Van Deursen
CFO & Treasurer
Dakota is passionate about learning how complex systems work together - both technically and socially. He weaves experience with STEM in the workplace into his personal history in finance management and peer governance. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering.

William Skwirut
Will's background includes designing, manufacturing, and testing fluid control components and systems. He also has experience in numerical analysis, CFD, and FEA. He currently works on valve technology at Valcor. Will has both Bachelor and Master degrees in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Fluids, Thermal, and Energy.

Benjamin Iofel
Ben has extensive experience in software development, embedded programming, and Linux. He is a software engineer at Flow, and helps bring the startup culture and experience to Hudson Space Systems. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Cole Yarbrough
Avionics Engineer
Cole is a lifelong maker and electrical / computer engineer who has worked on space projects both small and large: from communicating with the ISS to launching a high-altitude balloon. He leads the development of avionics hardware for our suborbital launch platforms and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering.
Amount Raised : $10,330
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