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Common Stock
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November 30, 2021
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March 30, 2022
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Company Description

AirBox designs secure, contactless delivery mailboxes for businesses and individuals around the world. We enable the completion of fast and efficient package delivery to a smart receptacle via bike, vehicle, or drone. Our two products, AirBox Deep and AirBox Home, are controlled from a mobile application and use wifi and bluetooth connectivity to ensure the safe arrival of packages and mail.

Key Deal Facts

An explosive market: AirBox's combined market size is $435 billion USD.
Award-winning technology: AirBox has developed a privacy-focused smartphone app with package theft protection measures to enable and ensure secure, contactless deliveries to a smart, touchless mailbox receptacle.
Working with industry players worldwide: AirBox has partnerships with ZEP Transports (pharmaceutical logistics), AllMartACT in Antigua, UN OPS, Government of Antigua

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brandon T Pargoe
Co-Founder & CEO
Inventor of AirBox Home, drone ready smart mailbox. Mr. Pargoe is highly skilled in medical grade manufacturing, telecom networks and sales engineer. His experience as a Telecom Executive in the Emerging Markets Division with MCI Communications in the late 90’s, provides a wealth of knowledge in building telecommunication networks. Mr. Pargoe continues to drive AirBox from inception, patent, design, to a finished product, leading the competition by over 2 years in smart drone ready box technology.

Dr. Jeremy Tucker
Physician executive and a practicing emergency physician at HEPA. Board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine. Strong interest in entrepreneurship and healthcare IT startups.
Specialties: Emergency Department management, Efficiency, Patient satisfaction, Patient Safety, Electronic Medical Records, Technology in medicine, Drones, Healthcare startups, Utilization, Provider education, Risk management, Leadership development, Community Hospitals, Urgent care, Emergency care.

Lukas Wrede
Board of Directors, advisor
Serial tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in global business development, international sales and corporate strategy, business turn-around, global product management, product marketing and customer life-cycle management. Decisive proactive manager, skilled in recruiting top talent; leading, and mentoring teams to peak performance.

Specialties: International Business Development • Business Strategy & Models • Sales & Marketing Leadership • Data Platforms • Mobility & Logistics • Digital Transformation • IoT

Chris Reichert
Board of Directors
Chris is currently on our Board of Directors who has over 25 years professional expereince with entreprenuership, angel investing, and as a Company Strategy Advisor.  
His expertise in Business Deveolpment, Strategic Planning, Corporate Management provides a wealth of knowledge for startups. 
Amount Raised : $11,639
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