Turn solitary media watching into a live, social experience

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An epidemic of loneliness

We all need human connection. We used to call our friends. Now we text or post and our phone is full of junk calls. TVs used to be our electronic fireplaces. We’d gather around, talk and watch. Now we watch apart, each on our own screen. 

Our connected devices are disconnecting us. Except games.

CBS News Report: “Epidemic” of loneliness in America

Key Deal Facts

Enjoy watching games, movies, TV and videos with friends and fans
Talk and watch together, like you're in a VIP box at the venue
Viral: 195% growth in 30 days with $0 marketing spend
Signed 10 partners for our virtual venues, focused on esports
Adding Netflix and Amazon Prime Video support
Raised $1.8M from VC’s and prominent game tech angels

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