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Common Stock
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December 01, 2021
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April 27, 2022
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Company Description

FLX Bike is a San Diego based brand of quality electric bicycles. The mobility market is growing, we're in a great position to capitalize on that with our product, team and strong supply chain. We bring exceptional value to our customers with our direct-to-consumer model and dedicated customer service team. We've already achieved high sales with 0 outside investment. We have a lot more to do and with your help, we believe we’re going to change the way people think about what’s possible.

Key Deal Facts

$28.8M Cumulative Revenue: Since launch in 2016, we've generated $28.8M in revenue with 0 outside investment.
$200M+ in Exits: We're led by seasoned executives who have led 10 startups to over $200M in total exits.
$24 Billion Market: The e-bike market was valued at $24 billion in 2020, and expected to reach $48 Billion by 2026 (12.27 % CAGR)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Rob Rast
At the age of 19, FLX Bike and Miles Board Founder Rob Rast dropped out of college and purchased a one-way ticket to China where he started his first 3 businesses and lived for 9 years. As an avid biker, pilot, and surfer - Rob has always been addicted to performance and a good adrenaline rush.
In 2016 Rob combined his passions in biking, green tech, and fitness to start FLX Bike where he (literally) moved into a factory in China to oversee every detail of development, testing and production. Today, Rob leads a team of passionate professionals, cyclists, and engineers with a mission to get more people out of cars and onto bikes. Rob currently splits his time as President of FLX and President of Miles Board an electric skateboard company. He spends approximately 50 hours per week on FLX Bike and approximately 20 hours per week on Miles Board LLC. Please see the Form C for more details.

Duane Dahl
Dahl is an accomplished C-Suite executive and serial entrepreneur - a passionate, driven senior executive, performance coach and mentor with demonstrated success in Strategic Planning, Operational Management, Team Building, Legal, Marketing/Brand Strategy, Supply Chain, Strategic Development and M&A.
As an Entrepreneur, Dahl founded, ramped and exited multiple companies including a $150M exit to Barry Diller’s IAC.
Dahl and his highly accountable team(s) have seen success in categories that include Travel, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Local & Organic Food, Medical, the Environment and yes, E-Bikes!
Amount Raised : $458,523
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