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Snowbelt Cannabis

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Revenue Sharing
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Offering Date
December 08, 2021
Expected Close Date
September 01, 2023
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July 1st, 2028
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Company Description

Environmentalism and philanthropy are the company’s top priorities and beliefs. As current Jamestown small business owners and community members, Snowbelt aims to focus on quality over quantity and provide a safe and high-grade product. Snowbelt Cannabis will have the ability to vegetate up to 10,000 square feet of plant canopy, will grow up to 16+ different strains of cannabis, and will have the ability to grow from seedling to finished product. All products manufactured by Snowbelt will be sold on a wholesale basis to in-state dispensaries and processors. Snowbelt will apply for a Processing and Distribution license.

Use of Proceeds

  • Grow supplies, Labor, Build out: $100,580
  • Mainvest Compensation: $6,420

Key Deal Facts

Passionate about environmentalism
Belief in the cannabis plant and all its beneficial purposes
Living in a well-connected and supportive community
Strong work ethics from over a decade of self-employment
Importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs

Use of Proceeds

  • Grow supplies, Labor, Build out: $100,580
  • Mainvest Compensation: $6,420

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ashley Baron
CEO- Sales/Marketing
Ashley Baron is a local business owner and native of Western New York. She is owner of ABCinematography, a freelance filmmaker and photographer business and also works year-round at Holiday Valley Ski Resort creating all of their media content in marketing and social media. Ashley has been providing media services for our local community and surrounding areas for over 10 years.The skill sets she has gained, the hardships she’s overcome, the relationships she has built, and the success of her video production business correlates to her tireless efforts to assure that whatever avenue she is in, she will give her 110% to succeed.With over a decade of exemplary and influential work ethic under her belt and having an extensive background in marketing skills and tools, Ashley will ensure that the business is in top search engines, that the products appeal to the mass of potential consumers, and will maintain a high end reputation as safe and responsible growers. As someone who is very personable with strong communication skills, she will be the first point of contact for client engagement, building strong relationships with dispensary owners to enlighten them of Snowbelt’s superior products and why they should choose a small-scale grow operation to buy their cannabis. She will also be building relationships with other local businesses that Snowbelt can co-brand and partner with to work together in growing our brands and community.

Ryan Peterson
Cultivation Manager
Ryan Peterson owns and operates a small gardening store and local market called BioDome Project in Jamestown, NY. Ryan has been growing under a NY state Greenhouse/Nursery license for over 7 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience cultivating a wide variety of plants using many different methods. Along with seasonal outdoor food production agriculture, he also grows indoors year round producing herbs, leafy greens, and hundreds of varieties of other plants. He has obtained a Cannabis Horticulture Certificate form Oaksterdam University and has cultivated cannabis for personal use for 20 years. Ryan has knowledge and experience working with CBD and other cannabinoids and sells products under a NY State Cannabiniod Sales License. Prior to owning his own business, Ryan worked as a sales and inventory manager for several years. He was responsible for managing online sales and shipping, and complete inventory management. These skills will enable Ryan to comply with regulations and tracking requirements in the cannabis industry.
Amount Raised : $85,700
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