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Colorado Springs, CO
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December 15, 2021
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March 15, 2022
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Company Description

Everyone on Earth is affected by weather. When hail falls from the sky, Hailios knows what the hail actually happened because they developed the world’s first compact, wireless hail sensor and analysis platform. For the first time, insurance companies have an accessible, granular, real-time data solution for destructive weather. With an easily-deployed sensor, Hailios supplies the world with irrefutable environmental data that dramatically improves hail insurance protection, empowers accurate AI, and contributes to a more climate-resilient future. Hailios currently focuses on hail (ie HAILios), and the sensor has the capabilities to measure wind, lightning, flood, and more with the same precision.

Key Deal Facts

There’s a large and growing market for weather data. Hail causes over $36 billion in damages globally, and the global weather information technologies is fast growing, valued at $9.41 billion in 2019 and expected to hit $18.07 billion by 2027.
Hailios has solved an expensive and complicated problem. Hail is super destructive and melts quickly, making it ghostly in nature. Hailios has developed the only ground sensor that collects granular hail data in realtime that is easy to deploy, making it highly scalable.
Poised to be a global supplier of environmental data. Hailios is active in the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe, working with over 18 companies across the insurance value chain, such as SwissRe, Hailsure, Berkshire Hathaway, AXA Climate, AON, Generali, and Descartes.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lucas Schiff
Co-founder, CEO & Board Director
Lucas Schiff is the co-founder and CEO of Hailios Inc. Lucas brings over 20 years in technology development, engineering, business development, and executive management. Most recently he is the Founder and Executive Chairman of an IoT startup called Nimbus 9, focused on providing increased energy efficiency to buildings through autonomous optimization of lighting and HVAC, and was the world's first completely cloud based lighting control system for commercial application. He has several patents filed pertaining to IoT connected hardware and cloud software. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies, including Yamaha Motor Corporation as a Product Engineer in the WaveRunner division, Trane as a Consulting Engineer through his company Energy Evolved, and Honeywell as the North and South American Product Expert of FAST video security and was instrumental in developing the OEM relationship between the two and where he and Carsten first met. He has also been a part of founding or being an early hire at numerous startups in the security, clean tech, and ISP industries. He sold his cleantech startup Solargreen Technologies in 2011. He brings a wealth of value to the team through his connections to insurance, technology industries and its suppliers, as well as his proven IoT strategy and thought leadership. Lucas studied Mechanical Engineering at the Dunwoody Institute of Technology.

Carsten Neufing
Co-founder, CTO & Board Chairman
Carsten Neufing is the co-founder and CTO of Hailios Inc. Carsten began his professional career as an Engineer and started his first company which sold personal computers in 1991 before he founded FAST media integrations AG (later FAST video security AG) in 1994. Companies like Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Honeywell sold the FAST systems under their label to monitor airports, nuclear power plants, and some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. As one of the two managing directors, Carsten was responsible for all day-to-day business and all product development. FAST video security AG was sold to NICE Systems in 2005. Carsten later paused his operative work and pursued studies in Psychology. Additionally, Carsten has been a lead investor and CVO in Kokeisl AG – a company which developed automated guided vehicles and bulk good automation systems. Carsten takes care of the product strategy and product development. Carsten holds the following degrees: Masters in Information Technology, Masters in Psychology, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Olaf Scale
Olaf Scale is the CFO of Hailios Inc. Olaf has served in the role of CFO for publicly traded companies in the US stock market like Itron (metering in the energy and water resource management industry) and Grace (a specialty chemicals and materials company) as well as for various German publicly traded companies and private groups. As a CFO, he has spanned regional coverage for EMEA, the Americas, and currently Asia Pacific, offering a broad understanding of business models and factors for success. Most recently, Olaf has been in China for an Austrian company that is publicly traded on the London stock exchange. Olaf has also supported portfolio positions from growing to selling, from restructuring to scaling up, and has successfully overseen M&A for various sized companies in many countries.

Elmar Will
Director of Manufacturing, Board Director
Elmar Will has a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, and has worked for various semiconductor manufacturers including Texas Instruments. He has been heavily involved in manufacturing since the early 1990s, and owns factories in Asia that produce various electronic products that range from precision power supplies for industrial equipment to medical equipment. Elmar prides himself in combining German engineering with specialized Asian manufacturing to produce the highest quality product at the best value. Elmar's expertise in manufacturing has been instrumental in securing Hailios ability to produce high precision sensors at scale.

Rob McMullan
VP Corporate and Business Development
Rob has led global business development for award-winning technology firms, is an alumnus of Harvard and the University of Waterloo, and has extensive experience in marketing, business development, investment management, fintech, insurtech, cross-functional team leadership and corporate strategy. Rob describes himself as a friendly international frog and is fond of the Japanese saying that a frog in a well knows nothing of the ocean.

Nicole Anthony
Director of Marketing
Nicole has managed and led initiatives that leverage new technologies for strengthening community engagement for major public institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She has worked in Latin America as an archeologist, produced award-winning exhibitions and events, and most recently raised funds to build a 92,000 sq-ft arts complex. Nicole’s penchant for people, culture, and technology, coupled with a natural curiosity of the world and insatiable appetite for learning, makes her a strong addition to the Hailios team.
Amount Raised : $44,310
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