A.I. software that gives a voice and intelligence to products.

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December 16, 2021
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November 28, 2022
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Company Description

We have created a voice assistant powered by AI (artificial intelligence) that can interact with users as if it were their best friend. Today, we are working with companies that make cars, appliances, smart home devices and vending machines to voice-enable a new generation of products.

Key Deal Facts

Our voice technology has high conversational accuracy at up to 99%. Siri and Alexa are only 75% and 72.5% respectively (ZDnet).
Our assistants speak 40 languages and dialects allowing us to reach 5.5 billion potential users, and we can run with or without the Internet.
The software is complete, with prototypes delivered to Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Murakami, NEC, Haier, KTM and 20+ more.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David Colleen
CEO & Chairman
David Colleen, CEO, likes to build things. He's an AI and VR entrepreneur. He studied architecture and business at Cornell and has been running companies for 30 years. Previously, he founded Planet 9 Studios, and he helped Matterport launch their products and attract their first customers. During this time, he has developed customer relationships with 17 Fortune 100 companies. (FT)

Bruce Wilcox
Bruce Wilcox has deep experience in A.I., having won the Loebner Prize 4 times in a yearly chatbot competition. He has worked in A.I. for Fujitsu, 3DO, and Amazon where he co-wrote patents on motion control and gesture interfaces. Prior to SapientX, Bruce used an earlier version of our technology to power the Talking Angela app (a virtual pet) leading to 65 million downloads and a $1B exit for game company Outfit7! (PT)

Nasir Kahn
Nasir is a full stack software developer that began his career in the game industry. He started advising our team in 2016 and actively began to develop software with us in 2020. In 2021, he assumed the role of CTO due to his strong engineering skills and team leadership.

Maclen Marvit
Founder & Advisor
Maclen is an actual rocket scientist having worked at NASA and Blue Origin. He lives to lead talented engineers to build world beating products. (PT)

David Urbanic
Sales & Strategic Partnerships Manager
David joined SapientX in 2019, and he has deep experience in technical sales and marketing. David listens to customers. He began his career managing developer support at Borland and went on to build the original customer service team at Netflix. He was part of the LivePicture team with John Sculley and Eric Chen. David founded and funded Zoomify, successfully licensing their technology to companies such as Adobe with sales in dozens of markets and in over 100 countries. (FT)

Emily Troutner
Marketing Manager
Emily was part of Intel's senior team and has worked at Stanford Medical. (PT)

Nick Ushio
Business Development
Nick has deep experience in sales and was part of the senior teams at Panasonic and Mitsubishi. (PT)

Hira Daud
Senior Engineer
Hira Daud has a great passion for engineering mobile systems. She is a full stack developer and is at home in developing applications for Android, iOS and HTML5. (PT)

Boris Blosse
Character Animation Engineer
Boris leads our avatar developers. He has deep experience in all things 3D, and he worked with Dave Arendash at Accenture. (PT)

Xingxin Ma
Embedded Systems Engineer (Consultant)
Xingxin is an automotive systems engineer and worked with Geely (Volvo) and Rivian before joining us. (She is currently on leave.)

Shree Sarkaran
A.I. Engineer
Shree is a machine learning specialist (FT).

Chris Toukmaji
Junior Engineer
Chris heads our conversational A.I. engineering. (PT)

Conrad Pereira
Software Engineer R&D Intern
Conrad's focus is in using machine learning for transcription and summerization. (PT)

Patricia E. Glovsky
Board Member
Pattis ia a Managing Partner & Founder at Polygon Capital and a Principal at Eaton Square. She's a FINRA licensed broker-dealer.

Robert Blair
Board Member
Over 35 years of global executive & operating experience - including CEO, CFO, General Manager, Sales, Mktg, Biz Dev, R/D in Technology related businesses. Former CEO of LSI Logic Europe and Sales at Maserati.

Drue Freeman
Board Member
Former SVP of NXP Semiconductors focused on the auto industry. Today, he is a senior member of San Hill Angels, and he advises a number of startups.

Dave Lorenzini
Advisor - Business Development
AR & VR consultant and former head of business development for Google Earth.

David Apgar
Advisor - Finance
David is the Director of Venture Funding at Santa Cruz County Bank. He has acted as interim CFO for many startups including SapientX.
Amount Raised : $1,645,226
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