Precision Autism Through Light

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Common Stock
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December 16, 2021
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March 15, 2022
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Autism is a serious developmental disorder that lasts a lifetime. JelikaLite believes that children on the spectrum can lead fulfilling and productive lives. That is why they are developing Cognilum, an innovative medical solution to permanently reduce a child's autism symptoms, enabling better integration into society and reducing lifetime costs. Cognilum will demystify autism - by opening a window into the child's brain waves, it will empower both parents and doctors to precisely deliver the needed treatments. JelikaLite is a development stage company whose product is not yet available to the general market.

Key Deal Facts

Untapped market: $5B in US and 6.5B the worldwide autism market.
Unique value proposition: Home-based system combining a therapeutic wearable device with embedded sensors, specifically designed for young children
Clear Path to FDA Approval: Received a Non-Significant Risk device designation from the FDA and an approval for the currently on-going clinical trial. Seeing really good preliminary results. Anticipating breakthrough device designation.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Eugenia Steingold
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Dr. Eugenia Steingold is a NYS licensed psychologist with extensive experience in experimental research. Dr. Steingold received her PhD from Princeton University, specializing in psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology and she was a PostDoc in Harvard University, specializing in cognitive and linguistic development.

Katya Sverdlov
Co-Founder & CEO
Katya Sverdlov, CFA, Esq., received her BA in Economics from Cornell University and her JD degree from Brooklyn Law School. Ms. Sverdlov has over a decade of experience working in progressively senior positions in investment banking and portfolio risk management. Most recently, she was the founding attorney of a fast paced, boutique Trusts and Estates and Special Needs Law Firm in New York.

Luis DeTaboada
Chief Technology Officer
Luis DeTaboada has several decades of experience bringing photobiomodulation medical devices to market. Most recently, he was a CTO of LiteCure, a company which, in late 2020, was successfully sold to DJO Global. Mr. De Taboada holds over one hundred patents, patent applications, and peer-reviewed publications in the field of tPBM therapy. He conducted preclinical and clinical studies. He designed and developed devices, developed protocols, and obtained regulatory approvals. He launched domestic and international sites and managed all technical aspects of multicenter, multinational clinical studies—including the first-in-man clinical studies of tPBM Therapy for neurological applications.

Liza Logounova
Chief Operating Officer & Secretary
Liza Logounova has over a decade experience as a product manager in the environmental markets space, most recently holding a role of a Senior Technology Manager in Global Forest Watch department of the World Resources Institute (WRI). Liza helped build and bring to market various products within WRI, such as TerraMatch and Global Forest Watch Professional (GFW Pro). Prior to that Liza has been a director in the IHS Markit, where she played a lead role in Markit Environmental team full software product lifecycle for supporting international and national government and private initiatives to reduce water pollution, deforestation and carbon emissions. First half of her professional career she worked as a Vice President in the technology division of a major Investment Bank (Goldman Sachs). 

Maxim Kalachenkov
Maxim is a lawyer with decades of experience in multiple areas of law. He studied at The Institute of State and Law (ISL) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the largest scientific legal center in the Russian Federation. Since 2000, Maxim has worked as the Head of the Legal Department at Mitro International Limited.

Ali Mostashari, PhD
Member of World Economic Forum, is co-founder of LifeNome (, a precision health AI company. He is assisting JelikaLite in the development of the AI platform infrastructure.

Anne-Marie Maman
Executive Director, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council at Princeton University. Founded 3 startup companies, each with innovative, leading-edge technology; licensed IP, led all aspects of the businesses, and negotiated acquisition of 1 company for nearly $10 million within 3 years of formation. She is advising JelikaLite in matters of fund-raising and corporate governance.

Dr. Michael Hamblin, PhD
Dr. Michael Hamblin PhD is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Chemist in Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a world leading specialist on photobiomodulation, with over 280 peer-reviewed publications, mostly on phototherapy. He is advising JelikaLite on existing studies on photobiomodulation and he is introducing JelikaLite to clinicians in the area.

Yuli Fradkin MD
Principal Investigator on the Phase I clinical trial. Associate Professor at Rutgers University, specialist in autism therapy and research.

Dr. Robert K. Naviaux, MD
Dr. Naviaux is a Professor of Genetics, in the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Pathology. He directs a core laboratory for metabolomics at UCSD. He is the co-founder and a former president of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society (MMS), and a founding associate editor of the journal Mitochondrion. He is an internationally known expert in human genetics, inborn errors of metabolism, metabolomics, and mitochondrial medicine. He is the discoverer of the cause of Alpers syndrome---the oldest Mendelian form of mitochondrial disease---and the developer of the first DNA test to diagnose it. Dr. Naviaux's lab has developed a number of advanced technologies like biocavity laser spectroscopy and mtDNA mutation detection by mass spectrometry.
Amount Raised : $654,794
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