XSurgical Robotics by XSurgical

XSurgical Robotics by XSurgical

We move the technology, not the patients

Security Type
Preferred Stock
Min Investment
Cambridge, MA
Offering Date
December 16, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 22, 2022
Amount Raised
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

XSurgical is creating an entirely new market segment through the novel paradigm developing a robot capable of performing a wide variety of procedures reaching a bigger number of hospitals and open field applications.
We are aiming to serve about 3% of a $15 Billion market. Approximately $6 million of funding deployed into our company to date.
We believe XSurgical’s Robot is unique in that it is designed to be the first Open Architecture Surgical Robot, enabling third parties to implement their tools and procedures for our platform.

Security Description

Preferred securities are a type of investment that generally offers some sort of preferred treatment through a dividend or preferred treatment in a liquidation.

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