Pig Manure To Plastic

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December 16, 2021
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September 30, 2022
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A Minnesota entity, Carbonic LLC, seeks to sequester pork maure carbon into High Density Polyethylene (known as HDPE), an industrial plastic, used in everything from grocery bags and milk jugs to playground equipment and medical devices. With Carbonic LLC in the picture, there are new biomass handling solutions for the community. This adds pressure to use recyclable plastic for housing, out buildings, and fencing. This pressure affects the building industry in general and the housing, farm, and out building industries in particular.

Key Deal Facts

The edible meat industry supply volume may increase as more small farms of about 1,200 pigs are built, using the HDPE plastic produced from the first pig herd’s manure; for example, build more pig barns for another pig herd, thereby increasing the HDPE sales revenue.
Other livestock farms might choose to produce propane, electricity,
or heat instead of plastic
Amount Raised : $1,000
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