Changing the dessert game with edible cookie dough

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Retail, Food & Bev
Min Investment
Las Vegas, NV
Offering Date
August 14, 2018
Expected Close Date
April 29, 2024
Target Raise
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Deal Notes
  • Revenue Share
  • 6% of revenues
  • 1.5 X payback multiple
  • Secured revenue share
  • The company will pay investors 6% of revenues each quarter until 100% of your principal is returned plus 50% on top.
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Company Description

DOUGHP is a safe-to-eat cookie dough bar. It's taking the childhood dream of eating cookie dough in the kitchen and making it safe to consume and enjoy with friends, on a date, with your family. We have a storefront that looks just like an ice cream shop! You walk up and there are six different flavors. We've got eight toppings and four sauces. It's kind of like your dream as a kid – this crazy candy store, but it's all cookie dough. We have made more than 35 flavors since we started, and we also sell it in cups and flavored waffle cones. We have six different flavors and colors of waffle cones in the store as well.  We’ve got a smaller version of this in a mobile kiosk at the SF Giants’ AT&T Park!We also have a catering business. We do “dough-it-yourself” cookie dough bars, like an ice cream sundae bar, where we bring the bulk dough with cups and spoons. We’ve done events as small as 50 people and as large as 1,500. We can also do full-service catering and have our employees there to scoop and serve. Finally, we sell wholesale to ice cream shops, restaurants, and retailers. There are lots of ways to incorporate our products in their stores. We sell pre-packaged four-ounce containers of the dough to fulfill that retail grocer side, and then we see milkshake or ice cream flavors incorporating our cookie dough.


$500+ Get cookie dough to your door! You'll receive a custom code to get 20% off online orders - for life!
$1,000+ Drop in suggestions for our next cookie dough flavor and receive an invite to our We’re Funded celebration after WeFunder closes!
$10,000+ Receive a complimentary private DOUGHP catering party for up to 250 guests anywhere in Northern California!
$20,000+ Design & name your own cookie dough flavor to go up for sale in our PIER 39 storefront for one month. What's really DOUGHP though? All proceeds will be donated to a non-profit of your choosing.

Key Deal Facts

$735K+ in revenue to date with a 27% net income ratio in just 14 months of business.
10,000 new customers every month in our Pier 39 storefront, our new AT&T Park kiosk, and other event catering.
Filing more than $70k per month with 86% direct margins.
Catering and wholesale agreements account for ~25% of our total sales.
First to bring cookie dough to San Francisco, but rapidly expanding with lease agreements underway at Miracle Mile Shops (who see over 72,000 visitors per day) on the Las Vegas Strip.
We use a non-profit kitchen, The Bread Project, to mix our cookie dough; creating opportunity for low-income individuals.
Members of 1% for The Planet (1% of sales to environmental non-profits).
Given the founder’s personal struggles, DOUGHP is raising awareness around addiction & mental health with a DOUGHP For Hope road trip taking place this Fall.

Use of Proceeds

Use of Proceeds if we raise: $50,000

  • $47,500 for inventory to fill purchase orders for distribution in grocery stores nationwide
  • $2,500 for the Wefunder cash fee.

Use of Proceeds if we raise: $250,000

  • $237,500 to open a 24/7 Cookie Dough Bar on the Las Vegas Strip - equipped with milk on tap & milk shots with every dough scoop
  • $12,500 for the Wefunder cash fee

Use of Proceeds if we raise: $500,000

  • $475,000 to acquire storefronts on the Las Vegas Strip AND on LA's Universal City Walk (or similar tourist location), and pay for three full-time employees
  • $25,000 for the Wefunder cash fee.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kelsey Witherow
Started DOUGHP after 10 years at Intel.

Deal Notes

  • Revenue Share
  • 6% of revenues
  • 1.5 X payback multiple
  • Secured revenue share
  • The company will pay investors 6% of revenues each quarter until 100% of your principal is returned plus 50% on top.
Amount Raised : $392,635
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