CGB Green Liberty Notes

CGB Green Liberty Notes

Accelerating green energy adoption

Security Type
Unsecured Loan
Hartford, CT

Key Deal Facts

The FIRST one-year, designated Green Bond*, crowdfunded debt offering.
The proceeds from these Notes will help strengthen Connecticut communities, supporting small businesses who are advancing energy efficiency in their buildings. This helps them reduce their energy costs and goes directly to their bottom line.
This innovative offering is a Debt Note with a Minimum Investment of just $100, with a one-year maturity at 1% interest. See “Terms & Financials” tab for full details.
Since its inception as the nation’s first green bank, the Connecticut Green Bank has mobilized over $2.1 billion of investment into Connecticut’s clean energy economy. Learn more about what a green bank is below!
With independent verification as designated Green Bonds, you can be assured that all proceeds from Green Liberty Notes are being invested to help energy users reduce their energy burden while combating climate change.

Security Description

An unsecured loan is a loan that is issued and supported only by the borrower’s creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral. Unsecured loans are approved without the use of property or other assets as collateral.

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