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Lawrence, NY
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February 21, 2023
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April 29, 2024
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Company Description

Flower Turbines is a small wind company with global ambitions. Our approach to sustainable energy is creating sleek, innovative, efficient, and aesthetic turbines, with the goal of making them a centerpiece of a worldwide renewable energy movement. We believe we are developing one of the only small wind turbines capable of being as successful as solar technology, and have already expanded our aerodynamic innovations into manufacturing, rooftop installation, and wind turbine electronics. Join us as we grow and scale!

Key Deal Facts

Named one of America's top 10 most fundable companies by Pepperdine University Business School.

Flower Turbines has successfully completed two oversubscribed StartEngine campaigns through Reg CF and raised $9M in its last Reg A.

Since our last raise, we have launched US manufacturing and sales in Lubbock, Texas, and are scaling up within the EU and negotiating additional international markets. Our already strong IP portfolio with multiple patents granted and pending in multiple countries mostly in aerodynamics is about to be enhanced by game-changing patents in small wind turbine electronics.

Right company in the right industry at the right time. New incentives for clean energy in the US, EU, and China put Flower Turbines on a rising tide.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dr. Daniel FarbFounder, CEO and DirectorCEO, 2013-present, experience in renewable energy, high achiever in multiple fields, degrees in business, science, and literature, startup and corporate sales experience; 30 patents; 100 books. Flower Turbines is his primary job.
CEO of Leviathan Energy, 2008-present. The Leviathan Energy group consists of related renewable energy companies, and is on hold while the majority of his time is spent working on Flower Turbines. A strong believer in the importance of ecology and an avid hiker.

National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program (US). Completed November 2017.
Course Series: Executive’s Guide to Patent Strategy, Summer, 2011 and 2012, Herzliya, Israel, taught by Finnegan law firm and the University of Haifa
1999-2001: Courses at UCLA School of Business and Management, a program in International Trade and Commerce. Partially completed.
1997, Anderson School of Management, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, a degree in Executive Management. 
1978-1982, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA. M.D., elected to Alpha Omega Alpha honors fraternity
1976-1977, Special Student in Science, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. An additional year of science courses after graduation.
1972-1976, Yale College, New Haven, Conn. B.A., English Literature, cum laude. Set an academic record in Yale's history by taking eight courses (double the average load, and including two senior research projects in English and Psychology along with science) in one semester and receiving all A's.

Work Experience:
2006-present, Founder, CEO, creator of most of the intellectual property, Leviathan Energy, a group of renewable energy companies in Israel and the US with innovations in a variety of wind, water, wave, and underwater turbines. Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric and Leviathan Energy Wind Lotus (predecessor of Flower Turbines) won the prestigious Eurogia label for its work. Two wind companies won second (Leviathan Energy Wind Lotus--an Israeli company that pre-dated Flower Turbines, and which put the first small wind turbine on the Israeli grid) and third place in the Israel Cleantech Open 2010. 2011: Small wind invention (the Tulips) featured at Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem as one of Israel’s top 45 technologies. Exhibit on it still present. Flower Turbines LLC was located at the Long Island High Tech Incubator at Stony Brook University in 2013. Though he works for Leviathan Energy, this has been put on hold while Flower Turbines remains his primary job. 
2005-2006- Patent writer and consultant with an intellectual property law firm in Ramat Gan, Israel. 
1999-2005, CEO, UniversityOfHealthcare.com , and UniversityOfBusiness.com, e-learning companies for management and healthcare training.

Dr. Farb is a thought leader in the area of renewable energy. Here is an excerpt of him speaking in the Congressional Office Building in 2015: https://youtu.be/V69ZMDa9HJk

He was also chosen as one of the 2021 innovators in the Impel program run by the Department of Energy and Livermore National Laboratory for Building-integrated Wind Turbines:

https://impel.lbl.gov/2021-innovators, Warren StollCOOWarren Stoll is an energetic, high-impact leader with a proven track record of success. He brings an analytical mindset and an entrepreneurial ambition to each of his ventures, and excels at navigating complex, high-stakes opportunities.
Prior to joining Flower Turbines, Warren led a series of technology and real estate businesses. Beginning in 1979, Warren raised venture capital for four start-ups, and led each company from inception to growth to a successful sale. In 1982, he founded Einstein software. The company developed the Einstein word processor, which he subsequently sold to Microsoft. He has also located, analyzed, appraised, and negotiated the purchase and sale of numerous commercial properties.
Warren has a BA from CSUN and a JD from Southwestern School of Law. He is an avid fisherman, a devoted husband / father /grandfather, and a champion chess player.
Not only is he passionate about the planet, his eye for recruiting talent has created a stellar team at Flower Turbines’ Headquarters.
Mr. Stoll is also the creator of Flower Power, a product line of Flower Turbines.
Robert WintersInternational Project ManagerRobert has a background in management, logistics, and sales in the Netherlands.
Irakli BaitishConsultant Mechanical EngineerIka Baitish Is a graduate of the Technion and a teacher of the engineering software Catia. He has a company, A-B Engineering, and he specializes in designing aerodynamics products for lower-cost manufacturing. Ika works with three other Technion graduates on our projects:
Yury Gurevich, Mechanical Engineer. specializes in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and advanced surface design.
Dima Sladkov, Mechanical Engineer. specializes in materials, tolerances and manufacturing processes.
Arthur Bayzer, BS and MS in aerospace engineering, experienced with wind turbines.

Mr. Baitish works with Flower Turbines as a Consultant.
Amount Raised : $1,018,631
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