2-ingredient organic, gluten-free bread with explosive e-commerce sales

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Retail, Consumer Goods & Products, Food & Bev, Healthcare & Medical, Other, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness
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Vista, CA
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April 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

$1.5MM run rate in 7 months, growing 40% MoM
Slated to enter Whole Foods nationwide (450+ stores) in October 2023
46% MoM subscription growth || 60% MoM repeat customer growth (last 6 months)
Created by the founder of Boochcraft Organic Hard Kombucha
A new, unique, whole-seed formula unlike any other bread in the US market.
Our OG recipe has only TWO ingredients: Buckwheat and Salt!
The only bread that checks all the boxes - Gluten-free, Organic, Paleo, Vegan, Nut-free, etc.
Beautiful, innovative 100% home-compostable packaging

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Adam Hiner CEOAdam has founded 4 companies in the food and beverage space including "Boochcraft" -- the 1st hard kombucha in the world and currently the market leader., Madeleine Hamann Director of MarketingA PhD Oceanographer gone rogue in order to take real action towards a sustainable economy. Maddie ramped PACHA revenue from $0 in D2C sales to over $120K monthly in less than 1 year with a conversion rate on the website of over 6%., Joe & Leila Caldera Lead Investors | Board MembersOur friends joke that everything Joe and Leila touch turns to gold. Their award-winning, 7-figure vegan restaurant / yoga studio / venue / boutique - Trilogy Sanctuary - is a destination and San Diego favorite., Thomas Hamann Production ManagerA managerial maestro and a baking ACE. Our very first and best employee can line a bread pan with parchment paper in under 10 seconds, and he keeps the troops in high spirits and high productivity!, Grace Markel Marketing CoordinatorGraduate of San Diego State University Honors College and recognized as one of the top student leaders on campus. Created PACHA ad campaigns with over 4.1x ROAS, increased social following by 456%, and generated ​​$491,428 in email revenue last year., Jordan Frank Direct to Consumer Consultant12+ years of D2C digital marketing experience. Jordan founded, scaled, and exited two 7-figure digital e-commerce businesses - "Travel Wifi" and "Remote Office"
Amount Raised : $279,823
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