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Digital Freight Brokerage Platform

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March 03, 2023
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

Created for streamlining freight operations end-to-end, Conn3ct is currently developing an integrative trucking management system (TMS) to eliminate fragmentation within the industry and ensure that shipping transactions are executed with the utmost efficiency. Acting as a digital broker between carriers and customers, Conn3ct is also developing a mobile app to link all of the key players on one platform, and by doing so, aiming to facilitate communication, accountability, and real-time tracking, every step of the way. The company is currently in the pre-revenue stage, with plans to launch in Q3 of 2023. The TMS is currently in development, & the app is in its beta phase. Neither product is currently available to the public.

Key Deal Facts

Conn3ct's products are currently in development to provide a tech-enhanced upgrade to what we believe is an outdated business model that exists within the trucking industry. Conn3ct is currently developing a mobile app to aid in eliminating the costly and complicated brokerage aspect of freight transportation, with the goal of creating a seamless system that empowers both drivers and customers.

We believe that the trucking industry acts as a lifeline for the American economy, transporting roughly 72.2% of the nation's freight and generating over $875.5B in gross revenue. By developing an accessible tool that caters specifically to this sector, we believe that Conn3ct has the potential to serve a robust customer base of over 1.1M for-hire carriers registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.*

Conn3ct was created to even the playing field for the drivers by eliminating compartmentalization of information. Our goal is to provide users with the ability to filter loads and information that is specific to their unique profile. We intend to include social media elements in future iterations of the app to allow drivers to interact and share information with one another.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Dominic OrtizChief Executive OfficerDominic Ortiz is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Conn3ct Inc. He has extensive knowledge and passion for transportation and freight brokerage. Over the course of 8 years in the industry, he noticed the many deficiencies and the harsh treatment of drivers. He created Conn3ct Inc. to do something about it!
Adrian McBrideChief Technology OfficerAdrian McBride is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Conn3ct, Inc. He is responsible for accelerating digital adoption for the team. Previously, McBride led digital transformation for several small firms focusing on building a comprehensive, digital, virtual, and cloud-based platform. He was also the lead architect of automation IO applications for EOP, BNS, LLC and LvLup, Inc. He provides online and mobile experiences to make it easier for shippers and drivers to take charge of their cargo needs.
Tracy Chandler Creative Lead Tracy Chandler is the Creative Lead/Brand Ambassador for Conn3ct Inc. He is a highly motivated and energetic member of the team, dedicated to grow the brand. In addition to over a decade of experience in video production and entertainment, he has experience in buidling and maintaining freight business books.
April HarleyChief Strategy April Harley, a seasoned executive who has led major initiatives, brands, businesses and has worn many operating hats in preparation for leading as Chief Strategic Officer at Conn3ct Inc.! As CSO, April's key roles are to identify and analyze key objectives and goals, while developing, implementing and executing innovative plans to accomplish sustainable company growth and evolution. A visionary and strategic "Happen Maker," April aims to align solutions that break barriers and intersect boundaries quickly and effectively.
Amount Raised : $14,511
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