AccuShoot’s mission is to help law abiding citizens, law enforcement and military organizations to improve and maintain marksmanship.

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Common Stock
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Corvallis, OR
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March 03, 2023
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July 14, 2023
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AccuShoot aims to digitize the marksmanship experience by monitoring target and shooter in real-time, tracking shooter evolution over time, and recommending drills to develop and maintain marksmanship proficiency quickly and consistently. AccuShoot offers an intuitive iPhone app that comes with a subscription service and acts as a companion to shooters that aim to improve their performance. In addition to the mobile app that allows target monitoring, AccuShoot also offers specialized solutions such as the Gantry and Cinema. AccuShoot Gantry is designed to help detect skill deficiencies using an advanced computer vision system that actively monitors the shooter’s pose, grip, recoil management, trigger control and more whereas AccuShoot Cinema utilizes more sophisticated hardware to also capture dynamic shooting scenarios. AccuShoot Gantry and AccuShoot Cinema both target law enforcement and military organizations.
Amount Raised : $579,268
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