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March 07, 2023
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July 07, 2023
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GELF Energy has an exclusive license to use patented technology to repurpose sewage and food waste into clean, renewable electricity and green hydrogen.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brett DansonChief Executive Officer, Secretary and DirectorBrett Danson is a successful start-up entrepreneur. He started his first company in real estate finance at only 25 years old and successfully ran that company for 20 years growing the company to one of the highest dollar volume brokerages in the U.S. 
His involvement with technology and environmental science began after he nearly died from a bacterial infection contracted after surfing in polluted waters. It took several years to recover, but after he did, he devoted his life to learning how to repurpose waste into energy products solving some of the most difficult environmental challenges facing the world today. His quest to create energy from waste using advanced science resonated with university researchers and scientists whose life's work intersected with Brett's vision.  
During the past seven years, Brett has made it his mission to build an expert science and business team, scale the technologies, and make it a commercially viable energy solution. Using his background in finance and science he developed a financially profitable business model for both waste producers and energy providers. Brett created GELF Energy to bring the Microbial Energy System technology to market while accelerating the transition to clean, green hydrogen from harmful fossil fuels. 
John SaboSenior VP, Treasurer and DirectorI am a professor of water resources and entrepreneur interested in translating science into sustainability outcomes through public-private partnerships, corporate engagement and innovation ecosystems that include academics and investors. I am an avid fly-fisherman.,
Amount Raised : $109,921
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