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Common Stock
Technology, Industrial, Sustainability
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Offering Date
January 06, 2022
Expected Close Date
December 19, 2023
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Company Description

YouSolar sells PowerBloc, an independent solar+battery nanogrid that delivers clean and resilient power for the home or business. It can seamlessly blend solar, utility, and generator power on its efficient direct current architecture. The PowerBloc’s future patented stackable modules will allow for easier shipment and plug-and-play installation. 

The company sells PowerBloc which is an innovative product. The PowerBloc’s modules integrate one or multiple solar arrays, bring in utility and generator power, step the potential of the batteries up and down, or connect multiple cabinets. The stackable modules is the company’s next big idea for solving power distribution effectively at a large scale. 

The industry is very competitive. The industry landscape includes many companies in different solar and battery market areas. These competitors include large, well-funded public companies, such as Enphase, Tesla, LG Energy Solutions, and Panasonic. However, the systems currently offered by these competitors include much heavier battery units than those of the PowerBloc and are more complicated to install. The competitors’ systems also do not allow for easy integration of multiple power sources, especially generators. 
The four most recent sales have averaged $180,000 per PowerBloc. 

The company has generated revenue of $273,713 in 2022 from the installation of six residential PowerBlocs. Gross margins for fiscal year 2022 were -112% caused by the loss-leader nature of the first series of residential projects. The traction for the product is yet to be seen and therefore is difficult to comment on.


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Use of Proceeds

The company plans to use the proceeds for sales and marketing, R&D, operations, and platform fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Arnold Leitner, CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board
Arnold is a solar and clean-tech pioneer. He designed and built one of Germany’s first super-efficient passive houses. As a consultant for S&P Global, he authored the seminal and influential study Fuel from the Sky for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In 2005, Arnold founded SkyFuel and re-invented concentrating solar power technology. SkyFuel’s high-precision parabolic trough uses mirror film technology licensed from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) instead of glass mirrors and won an R&D 100 Award. SkyFuel exited in a sale in 2015. Arnold founded YouSolar to build a solar nano-grid with a highly innovative power architecture that is modular and scalable. Arnold holds a Ph.D. in Physics from C.U. Boulder and an MBA from Columbia. He is a second-time founder with a previous exit. He currently works full-time at You Solar.

The management team is strong and competent. 

Valuation Notes

The company has valued itself at $39M pre-money. It has raised two crowdfunding previously, $1.07M at a $10M valuation and the next round at a valuation of $50M post-money. The Company has used most of this funding. By the beginning of 2024, the company expects to be able to largely fund its operations from revenues generated by product sales. It has yet to prove the sales of its current products and the product market fit for its stackable module, therefore, at the current valuations, the company seems overvalued.

Amount Raised : $397,099
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