Point-and-Image to Know-the-Flow

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Non-Voting Equity
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Raleigh, NC
Offering Date
January 07, 2022
Expected Close Date
May 29, 2022
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No. Investors
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Company Description

Scinovia’s mission is to produce state-of-the-art diagnostics to help doctors make more data-driven decisions during procedures to save more lives. Scinovia developed VUFLOW, the future of non-contact imaging diagnostics for blood flow during surgery.


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Key Deal Facts

Save more lives: A big challenge many surgeons face is knowing if procedures have optimal blood flow for quick recovery.
Disrupt a $500M market: Displace legacy contact probe* and dye* methods over past 60 years with VUFLOW, one of the first non-contact measurement device to visualize blood flow speeds in surface vessels during major surgeries.
Platform Technology: VUFLOW may be applicable to many types of surgeries. There are over 300M per year. Initial markets are heart bypass and organ transplants.

Security Description

Non-voting stock is stock that provides the shareholder very little or no vote on corporate matters.

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