AgTechLogic, Inc.

Accelerating Precision Ag Technology

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Common Stock
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January 17, 2022
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April 27, 2022
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Company Description

Did you know that natural resources are diminishing daily? Now, more than ever innovation in agriculture is paramount. Our quest for sustainable agriculture is the key solution to impact the food we grow globally. AgTechLogic determined it is time to develop smarter technology to improve growing food, to ensure our resources are protected, we reduce the amount of herbicides, our farmers are profitable, and we advance the future of farming.


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$300+ Investment
$300+ Seedling Package. Just as you are helping our company grow, we want you to 'grow' with us. 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable pot, soil and seedlings customized for your region to ensure optimal seedling success.

$1,000+ Investment
$1000+ Local farmers bountiful basket. As we continue to support farmers, we want to share some literal 'fruits' of their labor. Organic, locally sourced products delivered for you to enjoy with friends & family.

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$100,000+ Invitation to participate in board of directors & invitation to collaborate with our research & development team.

Key Deal Facts

Advanced sensor technology saves up to 90% on chemical usage, making a huge impact on farmers profits, soil health and reducing food insecurities due to our growing population.

The US uses over 1 billion pounds of pesticides annually and costs of these pesticides increased over 300% this year; the need for chemical reduction is more vital than ever.

Connected agricultural technologies, including AI and machine learning, are projected to triple in revenue by 2025, reaching over $15 billion.
Amount Raised : $117,467
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