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Natural Disaster Response Machines

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Common Stock
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January 17, 2022
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June 28, 2022
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Company Description

Baggerbot is a mobile, highly sophisticated robotic machine that rapidly and safely produces sand and gravel bags to prepare and protect communities against natural disasters and other weather emergencies. Baggerbot’s revolutionary design and technology increases the ability to produce bags with a 40%-60% productivity increase over existing technologies. With a working prototype and patents in the US & China, we’re looking for investors who can see our vision of a rapid response robotic machine that will save billions of dollars in damages to businesses and homes all over the country - and one day, around the world.


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Receive 8% bonus shares plus an on-site tour meeting to review the "Baggerbot" Prototype Bagging Machine and meet with staff. The current location is in Santa Clara, CA.

$25,000+ Investment
Receive 10% bonus shares plus an on-site tour to review the "Baggerbot” Prototype Bagging Machine and go to lunch with Tom Burns to discuss Brigade Automation Corporation's future.

Key Deal Facts

Baggerbot’s speed and ease of transportation make it viable for a wide range of different applications - from emergency response to construction, landscape, oil industry, sea walls, and business bag packaging. We’re already receiving an overwhelming volume of requests from areas in need.

Baggerbot’s design eliminates the risk of human physical limitations while our robotic technology makes it faster and more efficient to respond to emergencies for communities facing an impending natural disaster. Our working prototype is ready to bring to market.

Based on current trends and according to the American Society of Civil Engineer's (ASCE) 2021 Report Card, the US needs to invest nearly $6 trillion by 2029 to protect against massive economic losses caused by extreme weather events.*
Amount Raised : $104,700
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