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Non-Voting Equity
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June 16, 2021
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July 03, 2019
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Company Description

Jet Token aims to revolutionize the private jet industry in a period of record demand, empowering travelers to conveniently look, book and fly any aircraft right from the palm of their hands. The efficiency of our proposed blockchain technology is what sets us apart. Until Jet Token, owning aircraft, booking private flights, trading or selling aircraft time, and connecting private flights with commercial flights, all on the same itinerary in one convenient mobile application had never been possible. Jet Token expects to supercharge the $200 billion private jet industry by putting control back in the hands of the traveler. Jet Token has reserved the ticker "PJ" on the NASDAQ, see important disclaimers below.


$349+ Investment
First Tier
Jet Token distinctively HondaJet Pen and Keyring set.

$500+ Investment
Second Tier
HondaJet Navy Blue Baseball Cap

$1,000+ Investment
Third Tier
Jet Token distinctively HondaJet Swiss Army Knife.

$2,500+ Investment
Fourth Tier
All three: Pen and Keychain Set, Hondajet Navy Blue Baseball Cap and Jet Token Swiss Army Knife

$5,000+ Investment
Fifth Tier
Desktop HondaJet Model

$25,000+ Investment
Sixth Tier
Tour of the HondaJet plant in Greensboro, NC followed by lunch with Jet Token’s CEO, plus Desktop HondaJet Model

$50,000+ Investment
Seventh Tier
Tour of the HondaJet plant in Greensboro, NC followed by lunch with Jet Token’s CEO and a group flight on the HondaJet. plus Desktop HondaJet Model

Key Deal Facts

Existing Private Jet Ecosystem Is Ripe For Innovation: The private jet industry is in desperate need of disruption to make it more efficient, convenient, and affordable for travelers. Jet Token’s platform and proposed blockchain technology is designed to be widely adopted across the industry enabling more efficient use of aircraft and easier booking for passengers.

Demand: As of October 2021, the demand for private jet travel has risen 20% above pre-pandemic levels, marking new industry highs and creating capacity bottlenecks for other key players that could be solved by using Jet Token. The price of an hour of flight time, and the customers' desire to manage that cost, help explain how another innovator in the private aviation industry, MarquisJet, was able to go from zero to $150 million of sales in only two years.

Strategic Partnerships: We have taken delivery of aircraft from HondaJet and put them into operation at our Las Vegas base, with the help of Cirrus Aviation, an Argus Platinum rated private jet operation with a forty year track record. In addition, we have a purchase agreement and marketing cooperation with HondaJet, the aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of Honda Motor Company.

Already Operating: With a growing number of Honda Jet Elite aircraft already in service, and our Jet Token technology advancing, our seasoned team continues to successfully lead disruptive industry change and includes veterans of Private Aviation, Finance, Executive Sales, Engineering and Business Development.

Community Support: With the support of 30,000+ investors and thousands of users, Jet Token has already raised +$11mm.
Amount Raised : $7,018,353
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