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The Cut Buddy

Making Haircuts Easy

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Pittsboro, NC
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The Cut Buddy’s mission is to make haircuts and grooming easier for everyone. The Cut Buddy makes personal grooming affordable with innovative products that give users the confidence and ability to do it themselves. Our products are inclusively and ergonomically designed, making it easy for anyone to feel great about how they look!

Key Deal Facts

We’re gearing up to expand our product base and have agreements to have both our original products and brand new products carried in 3,600 Walmart stores, 600 Target stores, and other retailers starting in Q1 2022!
While the innovative and affordable hair clippers, shavers, and accessories from The Cut Buddy are made for everyone, our products are designed inclusively with multicultural users in mind. This multicultural focus is exciting because, according to Nielsen, multicultural shoppers are driving personal care sales in the United States!
On top of that, the global men's grooming product market continues to grow rapidly! The Cut Buddy is the only company with numerous personal grooming patents and affordable products inclusively designed to serve multicultural consumers!

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