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Outfield is poised to disrupt the customer relationship management (CRM) software market by being one of the first organizations to pioneer performance-based CRM, making it more rewarding for sales reps to improve and perform well.


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Key Deal Facts

Solves Two of the Biggest CRM Problems - 1) There is rampant low adoption for sales reps actually using their company’s CRM, and 2) most traditional CRM companies are detached from customer outcomes.
We Believe This Addressable Market Has Significant ROI Potential - We're active in our go to market strategy that encompasses a large, established, and growing customer base.
Experienced Team - After already growing a successful mobile-first CRM and building deep expertise in what drives sales performance, our team is uniquely positioned to innovate in the broader CRM market.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael Perlberg

Director of Implementation and Support

"Perl" as we call him was one of the first hires. He's been with the company since his days as an Industrial Engineering student at Texas A&M. Perl began as an Account Manager, but after several promotions later he has gone on to become the leader of the Support and Implementation department within Outfield. 

Timothy Havelka

Software Development Lead

Tim is one of the most dependable and gifted software developers on the Outfield team. Often referred to as "The Wizard", Tim demonstrates his ability to effectively work his magic in his everyday contribution to both the iOS and Android versions of the Outfield mobile app. 
Tim was one of the first 3 hires at Outfield.

Angel Lozano Jimenez

Growth Engineer

Angel began his career at Outfield as a part-time developer while studying Computer Science at Texas A&M University. After spending some time in the banking industry mastering his mobile and API developer skills, Angel joined Outfield full-time as the company's first Growth Engineer. Angel was the 2nd Software Developer to join Outfield.

Kris Evans

Digital Marketing Manager

Kris is Outfield’s Digital Marketing Manager. She leverages over 12 years of experience with brand strategy, marketing campaigns, corporate positioning, consumer insight, and user experience. At Outfield, Kris oversee every aspect of marketing including the design, innovation, awareness, and communication. She and her team works diligently to transform Outfield’s brand from just another CRM company to a business partner that drives performance. Kris prides herself on ensuring Outfield products and service noticeably link to its culture, demand, and brand loyalty.

Eric Blackwell

Account Executive

Eric joined Outfield at the beginning of this year as part of the business development team to then become an Account Executive. Easy-going yet a driven sales professional that is in the business of winning. He loves to help people reach their goals and be more efficient.

Jonathan LaCour

Account Manager

Jon is Outfield’s first sole Account Manager, and brings over 10 years of medical/pharma sales & account management experience with him. He has worked for three of the top 10 largest biotech companies in the world, and came to Outfield after falling in love with our tech (his words, not ours). He works alongside Outfield’s Account Executives and implementation department, ensuring our customers have the best experience possible while using the platform. 

Jordan Laird

Web Developer

Jordan is a Software Developer with a passion for problem solving and an extensive proficiency in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and ReactJS. He has strong interpersonal skills, experience managing teams, and extensive knowledge implementing solutions which made him a great fit within our team.  

Kelton Lucker

SEO Specialist

Kelton started as an Intern in Outfield to later move into a part time position with our team. He is a strategy and results-driven marketer with experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and content creation. Team-oriented, imaginative, and creative individual with an eye for detail. He specializes in the strategic development of organic and paid marketing funnels that entertain, persuade, educate, and convert across all audiences and personas.

Paola Mayorga

Administrative Assistant

Paola joined our team at the beginning of 2021. She is our Administrative Assistant with 6+ years of experience fulfilling organization administrative needs and requirements. A team player with excellent communication skills, high quality of work, driven, and highly self-motivated. She not only takes care of our admin duties, but she also assists our team with various Accounting and Human Resources needs. Paola is a team player who enjoys wearing different hats in Outfield! 

Bartosz Skoczylas

Android Developer

Bart joined Outfield right after graduating from Arizona State University in 2019. As a mobile developer he specializes in Android, using the Java and Kotlin languages. He also has experience with UML, Agile (SCRUM), GitHub, Visual Studio, and Eclipse. 

Skyler Suzuki

IOS Developer

Skyler is a iOS developer with a background in game programming, economics, and project management. He has knowledge in swift, python, slack, and github. Over the years he developed great communication skills and created great products for customers. 

Khia Thompson

Data Analyst

Khia is currently pursuing a M.S. in Statistics. She assesses the effectiveness of marketing initiatives at Outfield using principals of data analysis, analyzing trends in marketing data, and informing business decisions using the results of quantitative research. She is also a volunteer as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Hope Hui Rising in the Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning at Texas A&M University, specializing in experiment design, data analysis, and data collection. 

Barbara Tovar

Implementation Manager

Barbara, our Implementation Manager, has over 6 years of experience in various tech support roles. She joined the Outfield team as she was finishing up her BBA in MIS. At Outfield, Barbara works directly with our customers to coordinate onboarding, ensure proper implementation, software integrations, and custom training on the web-based and mobile platforms. 

Carlos Hernandez

Sr. Account Executive

As the Senior Account Executive, Carlos specializes in streamlining the overall user experience for our external clients. With over a decade of successful experience in the tech industry, working with companies such as Samsung and HTC, his passion for showcasing the leading tech trends runs deep. Since joining Outfield, he has been fortunate to witness the growth in our clients' companies across multiple industries through team adoption and productivity along with data analytics to enhance their ROI and market penetration.
Amount Raised : $38,077
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